What you may not know proper dental care

Many people are guilty of poor hygiene can lead to damage to the teeth and gums. Here are some oral health habits and could do some good habits that need to be developed.

Brushing your teeth too hard and too fast

Even if you are in a hurry always take the time to brush teeth properly. Vigorous strokes scratch the surface of the teeth and may leave grooves in which plaque and stains. Brush gently in small circular motions with the brush tipped the gumline at an angle of 45 degrees. You can try to sing or play a song while brushing to control the passage of time. Read the ABC song twice in the head with a moderate speed is a long time for a quick brush. Brushing should not bend the bristles of your brush, as it is a sign that you are applying too much force.

Place protective caps on your toothbrush

Air dry the brush after use. Including among them the lids to retain moisture and allows bacteria to grow and multiply. You can use ultraviolet instruments for cleaning, if any, but all you need do is make sure that the brush is clean and dry during storage.

To skimp on dental floss

Rest of 17 or 18 inches of floss for each session. Use of an inch of floss for each tooth, rub the floss against the tooth surface by sawing motion until you feel resistance to the gum line. Chains to fill more than one finger after each tooth, so that a new section of floss is used for each.

You rely on mouthwash toothpaste for tartar control and fluoride

While they may be good for the teeth should be encouraged to be lazy about dental care. I do not think these products themselves will be responsible for all of your dental hygiene. They can help keep your gums and teeth, but oral health really can be achieved with regular flossing and brushing.

Comes sweet or sticky foods

Sticky foods can not be transported easily, and when the food remains in the mouth for long periods of time and cavities occurs enamel erosion. Sugar and starch feeds the bacteria naturally present in the mouth produce acids and derivatives. An acidic environment is the main cause of tooth decay. To avoid this, avoid soft drinks, cookies, crackers, sugarless candy, chips, cakes and sweets. If you have to eat them, be sure to brush afterwards. Cheese and peanuts are good to eat before or after meals, because they neutralize the acids in the mouth and remineralize the teeth.

He thinks enough milk

Milk is an excellent source of calcium makes strong bones and teeth. However, the calcium in milk and other dairy products can not be absorbed by the presence of vitamin D. Also known as the sunshine vitamin because we can become exposed to the sun. During the winter, you can get your vitamin D from other sources such as cod liver oil, mackerel and tuna.

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