What is hypertension

Hypertension and high blood pressure (SPB) appoint exactly the same things. To understand why hypertension may be a serious condition, one must first know what it means. When the heart pumps blood, the blood pushes against artery walls, “the combination of blood that is being” pushed “leads to the expression” blood pressure. “As you can imagine, if the pressure rises and stays that way, it becomes what is known as BPH or hypertension, which means that blood pressure is no longer in a steady state, but is higher that the body needs.

Because blood pressure tends to increase as we age, it’s always good to take steps to prevent it from developing. There are also pre-existing conditions that can cause blood pressure to increase thyroid disease, such as sleep apnea and kidney disease. However, it is also important to note that some medications may cause increased blood pressure, asthma medications, in particular, and birth control pills.

Many medical problems can develop from the existence of hypertension and more severe heart failure, stroke, coronary / heart disease and kidney problems.

Although hypertension can lead to many serious diseases, they usually have no symptoms. Despite causing damage to various body parts including the heart, kidneys and blood vessels, which may have existed in the body for years had gone unnoticed. Therefore, it is essential to know what your blood pressure should be and its current level. If it is determined that you have hypertension, there are many treatments and available resources. Maintain consistency in doing what is best to keep the pressure down will help prevent damage to organs.

No pressure is exactly the same rate on all the time, unlike what you are or do not directly affect the speed of blood pressure. He stands when under stress, anxiety or strong, is less during sleep, but increases again when you wake up. May be led to a problem if it is greater than the normal speed for the most part. The larger the numbers in the blood pressure increases the risk of hypertension.

People with normal pressure can make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent hypertension developing. Eat a balanced diet that has a limited amount of salt (sodium) and alcohol can help keep your normal hypertenstion. Regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight has a direct effect on blood pressure is also always advisable to stop smoking if you are a smoker and not start smoking if they are not. Finally, manage your stress levels can be one of the biggest contributors everything to prevent hypertension.

However, if it is determined that you have hypertension, there are things you can do to prevent long-term problems it can cause. While the same advice applies to those whose pressure is normal, we also recommend that you stick with the treatment prescribed by your doctor. The treatments have also been credited with preventing long term damage or at least delay the onset of stroke, kidney disease or coronary artery disease.

Although treatment provides some control of the PA, not a cure, prescribed treatments stopped at any time to increase the chances of developing many health problems associated with pressure. If you experience side effects of your medication, it is imperative that you inform your doctor.

A pregnant woman whose bp is high can be expected to give birth to healthy babies, but babies often born premature or low birth weight. Most of the concerns is that the mother and the blood pressure becomes higher can be harmful to the kidneys and other organs. Make sure your doctors are aware that their blood pressure is high will help ensure its ability to help control your blood pressure during pregnancy. There are cases in which the pressure of a pregnant woman becomes high, for the first time during pregnancy. The condition is more severe pre-eclampsia (pre-eh-Klamp-so-ah), is not typical of women, but may endanger the life of the mother and fetus. Fortunately, most women with this condition are treated, and have normal deliveries.

To keep blood pressure in adolescents and young normal children, make sure you eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and low in saturated fat and trans. They must also participate in physical activity at least 1-2 hours a day (limiting television may contribute to a desire for physical activity). Make sure your child maintain a healthy weight is also an essential step in preventing blood pressure problems. If you are overweight, a nutritionist can help develop a meal plan that will help them lose weight healthily. For children over 4 years old, it is recommended that low-fat milk products introduced into their diet. Although you may see a few things to keep up, inculcate healthy eating and lifestyle habits can help your child to develop habits that help prevent high blood pressure s’ increasing, and many other diseases flourish.

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