Week by week pregnancy detailed guide

Guide Pregnancy is one of the most sought after things in pregnant women. Pregnancy is a coveted phenomenon and appreciated in society, traditional and otherwise. Although pregnancy is not unique to humans, this article only talks about pregnancy in humans. Pregnancy can not only alter the biological and physiological status of women but also their social and family situation.

Pregnancy is a clear indication of the fertility of women and their ability to actively contribute to the process of continuing the family line. Pregnancy literally means performing a female fetus or embryo. Pregnancy guide helps women understand and cope with change from conception to birth.

During pregnancy about 38 to 40 weeks, women experience a number of internal and external changes. While external changes in pregnant women are perceived by others, internal changes are only known and experienced by pregnant women.

Pregnant women, even in the era of the revolution in information technology, feel depressed by the mysterious comings and goings within their bodies, as there is still widespread ignorance about pregnancy. They do not know exactly what pregnancy is and how to negotiate with the changes that occur inside and outside the body. After this, women require guidance on pregnancy using a survival kit during pregnancy. The prepared psychologically and physically to face the new situation as he prepares to give birth to a new baby.

Impact of pregnancy for women in a variety of ways, and the embryos are also being developed in many different ways. The golden rule of pregnancy is that during pregnancy, women should have good health because they must care not only for themselves but also for the fetus. Naturally, most of the women, both pregnant and wants to be pregnant, are interested in knowing how they change, and for them, here is a guide every week of pregnancy.

General changes during pregnancy

It is well known that two women can have exactly the same experience of pregnancy. However, despite the changes in the feminine, there are some common changes to all pregnant women. On this basis, we can design a general Week By Week Pregnancy Guide:
1 to 4 Week – First week of pregnancy begins on the date of your last period. Week Four witnesses egg fertilization – when the process of forming a new life begins!

Fifth-Eighth Week – women lose their time in the fifth week, and begin to suspect they are pregnant. Visit to a clinic for a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. This is when the baby’s heart starts beating, to be precise in the sixth week and pregnant women start developing nausea at the beginning of the seventh week. The embryo or fetus continues to grow, and by the eighth week it has short arms and feet.

Week 9 to 12 – During this period, the female body is constantly expanding to accommodate the growing fetus. Although the pregnant woman herself may not realize, your unborn baby starts moving inside her body. By the twelfth week, morning sickness is declining.
Week 13 to 14 – During week 13, it is possible to determine the sex of the baby likely, but not always accurately and mechanical accuracy. By 14 weeks, the prospective mother can hear the heartbeat of her unborn baby.
15 to 20 Week As the baby’s bones begin to harden, during this period, the mother begins to feel the baby move inside her. Your baby’s organs begin to develop, and gender can be known by ultrasound tests.

Week 21 to 24 – Around this time one experiences mild contractions. The baby learns to breathe, and fat deposits also beginning to develop.

Week 25 to 28 in the baby’s movements to be less this time, and can capture light and darkness, listening to the sounds outside.

Week 29th to 32nd During this period, the head grows faster, eyes and brain develop, and week 32, only the lungs are not yet fully developed.

33rd to 36th Week – This is the time when the baby starts to blink his eyes, and nails begin to grow. The baby weighs about 4 pounds and measures about 16 inches long by 36 weeks.

37th to 40th week – This is the culmination of pregnancy. There could be born child at any time during this period. All organs of children, except the lungs are fully developed.

The actual delivery of the child could be between 38th and 40th weeks. However, note that this guide to pregnancy is only a guide, and there is still much to learn about pregnancy.

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