Useful tips to avoid asthma, especially in young children

If you are among those who have difficulty breathing during the winter, clean the air. Think of the millions of bacteria , germs , viruses, fungi die every day for allergy air purifier is running. Our homes are so airtight that germs, bacteria , viruses and fungi thrive in a winter heat cooking . Add to this the disease of relatives is not disputed by the fresh air, and then you have the disease continues . Asthmatics have a hard time in winter. Too many children with asthma have difficulty recovering from a cold. Colds persist. His lungs contract and before you know it is a serious lung disease.

There are some things you can do to improve your chances . Use an allergy air purifier at least in child’s bedroom . Use as throughout the house as possible. Kill as many harmful bacteria , germs , viruses and fungi in the air as possible. When we breathe our illnesses or sneeze spray the undisputed air with nothing to overcome. However, there is something to be overcome : air purifiers allergy kill 99.97 % of germs , all bacteria , viruses, fungi in the air in a given area . Using air purifiers allergy HEPA filtration that captures 99.97 % of organic pollutants in the air. Can not wait to buy one and clean everywhere . Allergy Air Purifiers clean a specific area using fans to draw air . Contaminants absorbed by the HEPA filter.

Buy allergy air purifiers and whole house. Since the most common place to find mold in the basement , run an allergy air purifiers with a basement dehumidifier .

Air purifiers for allergies have been around for some time. However, doctors are not really for preventive medicine as needed . If this is the case around the world use air purifiers throughout the house , not only to prevent asthma attacks , but also colds , flu , viruses, and more . If you get sick, it is easier to recover with fresh air.There is undoubtedly surface contamination , avoid touching surfaces in the room of a patient. Clean surfaces thoroughly. Cleaning the air helps the healthy stay healthy and the sick recover more quickly .

Winter is an important colds , asthma , respiratory viruses and infections , flu and more time. Asthmatics are already struggling to breathe , especially in winter . It makes sense to clear the air and give them a better chance of staying healthy .. The probability of having an asthma attack in winter is high , especially with the hot , dry air. Get a cold or flu may increase asthma attacks increases .

If a hereditary predisposition to asthma in your family, give your child an advantage by constantly cleaning the air with air purifiers allergy . Even if you do not have this problem in the genes , the problem of asthma is increasing in the general population . Young lungs are not fully developed . Have pneumonia or bronchitis can damage tiny developing lungs . Many children are left with permanent damage.

Consider asthma triggers . Mold is a trigger for asthma defined . Maintaining levels of mold with clean air . A hidden leak can cause mold bloom occur any time . Repair leaks immediately and dry the area . Basements are the most common source of mold in homes . Basements old at the time and become susceptible to leaks that foundations give the ground pressure of the water. Mold is not only known to trigger asthma attacks , but can cause asthma.

The many benefits of using air purifiers allergies can not be underestimated . Cleanliness of organic pollutants in the air, in addition to cleaning the air of harmful chemicals can prevent young people develop life- threatening diseases such as cancer and prevent asthma attacks . Many chemicals that breathe are the result of chemical gassing . Inhalation of chemicals is not healthy. A side effect of being blessed with such goods is the fact that we have are full of chemicals . When released when exposed to high humidity chemicals . Not only is essential for clean air with air purifiers allergies, but it is also important to reduce moisture dehumidifiers . This is especially true of the high humidity in the basement.

Keep the low temperature not air dry . Hot , dry air is hard to breathe in. Use more clothing to stay warm . Define containers of water around preferably out of reach of children. Moisten the air . Be careful in the use of humidifiers, as they may rot.

Regular cleaning of surfaces using . Dust, wipe all surfaces with borax , then HEPA vacuum all surfaces periodically . HEPA filter captures mold , bacteria, viruses , germs and pollen, etc. on a HEPA filter. There is a success rate of 99.97 % amazing suction dust and harmful chemicals and pollutants . DUO cleaning surfaces and the air is so logical . Traditional medicine should consider educating parents about the merits of allergy air purifiers to prevent asthma attacks . Hopefully in the future this will be the case.

Proper use of allergy air purifiers to prevent asthma attacks

For best results, use air purifiers allergy years . Think of allergies and pollen levels . Keep them low . As soon as the door or window is opened, comes pollen. Pollen is known as a trigger for allergies and asthma. As mentioned earlier , the weather gets more humid and rainy season occurs in the spring , the growth of mold and chemical off-gassing occurs . Pollution of indoor air is also essential. Since there is more than one form of asthma attacks occur , chemicals and the removal of other contaminants inside also help the lungs to pause in the airstrikes . Multiple chemical sensitivity attacks occur when a person reacts to strong smells . Perfumes often trigger this reaction. Some can not breathe with this condition and need a rescue inhaler . Perfumes and strong chemicals are also known to trigger an asthma attack . In fact , scientists believe that chemicals can also cause cancer. Inhalation of chemicals is not good for anyone . Consider the lungs of young children . An interesting idea : Exposure to indoor air pollutants can cause asthma in young developing lungs ? Hopefully these healthy children in other conditions?

Add a dehumidifier in the basement of the final results

Since mold usually begins in a basement , leave this known trigger of asthma attacks to prevent mold in the basement. No way to stop mold growth without basement dehumidification. Since the soils are naturally dark, moist and warm, this is the perfect environment for mold growth . This also applies to wetlands in the house. If you can not bring the humidity in a specific area of ​​your home , use a dehumidifier. There dehumidifiers for any room and any purpose.

Be free of asthma attacks

The air and clean surfaces triggers. Use air purifiers allergy throughout the year is necessary to cut the triggers. Kill mold and prevent mold in your home. Using a basement dehumidifier and air purifiers allergies are the weapons to clear the air . Keep the house cool . Supply fresh air to maintain indoor air pollution to a minimum. Open windows years.

Live healthy … be Happy

Mind Blowing Some asthma facts :

A. According to the American Asthma Foundation : Nearly 1 in 9 children with asthma. This statistic is increasing and parents need to know .

Two . Asthma is the ” most common cause of disability in childhood. AAF

Three . Asthma affects poor children of the city center at an alarming rate of at least 50 % of developing asthma. These children are often behind the school . AAF

April . 13 million missed school days due to asthma. AAF

May . Medical treatment of asthma control asthma partially even with the best treatment. AAF

6. Some asthmatics do not respond to the best treatments . AAF

7. Is 11% of the population if older people who suffer from asthma. AAF

8. Most asthma deaths are generally occurs in adults. AAF

We thank the American Foundation for asthma this information , including statistics .

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