Understanding laser eye surgery

Those who have long suffered from refractive errors will be happy to know that there are revolutionary techniques of laser that can help get rid of the hassle of wearing glasses and have a new sense of freedom. These types of operations of laser eye surgery has gained popularity over the past two years – with the advance of technology and extensive research in this field surgeon – which led to a wider range of people entering the support capacity .

The most common (and successful) forms of laser eye surgery used to treat refractive errors are LASIK and LASEK (PRK) procedures. Although very similar in terms of results, with most patients regain 20/20 or 20/40 (standard pipe) vision – the procedures themselves are a little different. After undergoing a thorough selection process, the surgeon will determine their suitability for one of the previous surgeries. While LASIK is the most common of all laser eye surgery, candidates who have a cornea that is not too thick or too flat to resist LASIK can be considered suitable for LASEK procedure.

The procedures for laser eye surgery

The LASEK procedure involves the preservation of the epithelium of the cornea – this way it differs from a LASIK eye surgeon not to create a corneal flap or scrape away the epithelium. Instead, the laser eye surgeon will treat the surface with an alcohol solution that loosens the epithelium. Next, the tissue will work loose with a laser on exposed tissues beneath the cornea. A surgery was performed, the surgeon simply gets rid of skin cells gently in his newly remodeled office. This process redesign and change the channels of the refraction of light that results in improved vision.

During LASIK surgery, the surgeon had been revised to ensure your cornea is thick enough to withstand the treatment consists of a laser or a computer-controlled instrument, creating a very thin, circular lid of tissue in the outer epithelium. Once that has been cut and moved to one side, the surgeon is provided with a working space which is reshaped to change the corneal refraction of light into the eye.

Who benefited?

Countless people have benefited from a laser procedure revolutionary vision. British TV presenter, Phillip Schofield, presented his experience in laser eye surgery on ITV This Morning Show – which has clearly demonstrated its joy by the immediate results and vision improved dramatically. The world famous golfer, Tiger Woods, has also undergone laser eye surgery to correct your vision – no wonder you can keep an eye on the ball. In fact, after undergoing the procedure, who won his next five tournaments! A few years ago, Adam Clayton, U2’s guitar playing also underwent laser eye surgery to correct refractive error. They reported a greater ability to play bass and improved night driving vision. Some other famous celebrities who have benefited from laser eye surgery include: Drew Carey, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Michael Bolton, Carlos Santana and Kim Kardashian.

Looking at the list of several international celebrities, there are obviously various fields of professions that can benefit from laser eye surgery. No matter who you are, laser eye surgery can make the world of difference in daily activities. Above the great improvement in vision, many people who have undergone this procedure has a self-confidence and a boost to their self-esteem.

What are refractive errors can be corrected?

Laser eye surgery is an ideal option when it comes to correct refractive errors include:

• Hyperopia (farsightedness)

• Myopia (nearsightedness)

• The astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea)

The results, benefits and freedom

Not only are many people who enjoy a better view, but much evidence to support the incredible difference this procedure can lead to daily life. A LASEK LASIK or laser eye surgery means that patients who have been harassed by unscrupulous glasses or contact lenses financial statements are free of the hassles and enjoy the freedom to do as corrective lenses, redundant. Simple tasks such as catching a ball, read the newspaper or views of admiration is easier and more enjoyable. Another fantastic feature of this particular form of laser eye surgery is that patients experience only pain, in fact – the procedure has little or no discomfort.

Post-processing of laser eye surgery

To ensure rapid recovery and remove any temporary discomfort, patients receive medication prescribed eye drops. To prevent accidental rubbing of the eyes during sleep, patients are provided with a shield at night for about the first week. In some cases, patients are equipped with soft contact lenses that provide additional protection and facilitate the healing process.

Eye surgeons world-class experts in London Vision Clinic perform LASIK and LASEK eye surgery, which greatly improves the vision and quality of life of their patients happy. If you have a refractive error and is considering laser eye surgery, contact one of the directors of Patient Education at the London Vision Clinic today for a consultation.

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