Types and Uses of respiratory nebulizers for people with respiratory problems

Nebulizers are extremely effective example of drug delivery system for the administration of various essential drugs directly into the lungs . The administration of drugs directly into the lungs may be useful for people who suffer from any number of health problems that make impossible normal inhalation . Nebulizers are a simple and effective alternative for physicians and health professionals to administer drugs in patients with asthma , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, or emphysema .

They help doctors manage essential medicines and providing relief to infants and children suffering from blocked pulmonary tract . Nebulizers require any additional effort by the user to provide the drug to the lungs. Patients should not breathe normally until the medication left . This simple procedure and efficiency nebulizers made ​​them so popular among people suffering from respiratory obstruction or channels to carry . In fact, the foggers have become much more popular than the MDI and DPI .

Latest nebulizers are available for patients in three main variants depending on the technology used to convert liquid medication into a fine mist or spray. The aerosol or mist of medication is much more effective than the liquid medicine to provide relief to the patient. The first type is the ultrasonic nebulizer , which has no need for a mixture of saline solution mixed with the drug. Use battery operated compressor Ultrasonic nebulizer to aerosolize the drug. Ultrasonic nebulizers are extremely compact and portable to produce much less noise in comparison with other machines. This type of nebulizer is more effective and faster in comparison to other types of nebulizers.

Air jet nebulizers to provide a fine mist of liquid medicament tablet . The air passes through a tube from the compressor and into a plastic cup containing liquid medication . Older models of jet nebulizers are larger and produce a lot of noise. In addition , some models require electricity to operate and are not suitable for travel. However, the latest models are more compact and produce lower noise levels . Jet nebulizers are less expensive compared to other types of nebulizers and are easier to use, too .

The fastest and most expensive of all nebulizers are mesh nebulizers . They use the most sophisticated technology of spray liquid medicine and are extremely portable and convenient for convenient travel . This type uses a vibrating membrane nebulizer to generate an aerosol spray from the liquid medicament for the user to inhale . However, mesh nebulizers require regular maintenance to remain effective . Users have to clean the small opening to avoid bottlenecks and ensure the rapid release of the drug-containing mist .

Nebulizers can be an excellent option for the supply of drugs such as steroids and antibiotics in the lungs of patents. Steroids are often effective in relieving congestion in the airways, while antibiotics help to contain and treat infections. Clinicians should choose the type of nebulizer according to the requirements of the patients.

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