Treatment of osteoporosis is natural

Here’s how it goes. . . Bone is living tissue composed mainly of collagen, which provides a framework for bone. Calcium is a mineral that is added to this framework to make the bone hard and strong.

During the years of childhood and adolescence, new bone is added faster than old bone is removed. After 30 years, this setback. It is more likely to develop if you have not reached peak bone mass during the first year. Therefore the treatment of osteoporosis naturally with adequate calcium supplements with minerals and vitamins can make a difference and actually prevent it from happening in the first place!

In osteoporosis, bones become fragile and porous due to loss of calcium and all of a sudden break. The bone loss can occur long before symptoms developed, and that may not even realize that they have even a simple fall or accident causes a fracture. Natural supplements to treat osteoporosis and worth taking to prevent future pain.

The symptoms of advanced osteoporosis are bone pain, joint pain and spontaneous fractures. Any bone can be affected, but the most vulnerable areas and larger hips and spine.

Osteoporosis can occur at any age and affects approximately 60-70% of women and 30-40% of men. 50% of all women between the ages of 45 and 75 show some degree of osteoporosis and of those, 33% suffer severe bone loss. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men because they lose bone mass (calcium loss) faster than men, especially after menopause. This is why supplements for natural treatment of osteoporosis are essential.

Osteoporosis is the cause of death of about 12 common (for example after a hip fracture). U.S. only costs $ 3.8 billion to treat people with osteoporosis (and not the use of natural treatments). Compare this with the reduced cost of calcium supplements as a natural treatment for osteoporosis!

Prevention of osteoporosis – a natural method

An overwhelming body of opinion favors calcium supplements as a treatment option for osteoporosis and natural. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and 99% of body calcium is in bones and teeth. But as you get older your body is less efficient at absorbing calcium and other nutrients.

The latest clinical research clearly indicates that our diets are deficient in calcium and the only way to get enough calcium to treat or prevent osteoporosis by using absorbable calcium and balanced diet.

Complete with a good source of calcium and other minerals (liquid always the best)-most people consume less than half the amount of calcium needed to build and maintain strong bones.
A well balanced diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables.
Exercise – especially weight training.
Prevention of processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol and soft drinks.

Any signs of osteoporosis is essential for the prevention and cure.

A bone density test may be useful to detect signs of osteoporosis. However, these are typically performed in large bones and these are the small bones that actually give you the indication that you are losing bone first.

A natural approach to treating osteoporosis is to determine if you have a calcium deficiency and are at higher risk.

In his book, “Rare Earths Forbidden Cures,” Dr. Joel Wallach are the most common symptoms of calcium deficiency: receding gums (osteoporosis of facial bones and jaw), kidney stones, bone spurs, cramps and contractions (contractions of the eyes, for example), low back pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears is actually osteoporosis of the bones of the ear), high blood pressure can sometimes be deficient in calcium, clotting the blood of the poor, arthritis, bad PMS, bones and joints cracking.

The very active sports or if you sweat a lot, the loss of minerals, especially calcium, is much higher! You need to replace all the minerals you sweat!)

Risk factors:

Women (especially after menopause).
Age – how old are more bone than we lose. Men and women need to consume more calcium.
Body size – small thin frames are at greater risk because they have less bone mass.
Lactose intolerance and celiac disease can lead to calcium deficiency.
Diets high in processed foods that are rich in phosphorus and calcium to prevent absorption.

Treatment of osteoporosis is natural

Although there are a number of drug treatments offered by conventional medicine, the general consensus is that the treatment of osteoporosis with natural supplements and early prevention methods were not used to their advantage.

When it comes to treating osteoporosis naturally, the use of calcium supplements as a home produced spectacular results. The following supplements for the treatment of osteoporosis are, of course, is recommended:

The calcium and magnesium and a high quality source of highly absorbable and 1000 mg to 2000 mg per day, respectively for the first 30 days.
Digestive enzymes of colloidal calcium, magnesium, boron (found in the minerals extracted from plants) taken 15 minutes before meals. (Improves absorption of calcium from food and supplements).
Vitamin D (Vitamin D deficiency can cause a deficiency of calcium, which helps the body absorb calcium).
Is highly absorbable calcium (98%) in plant-derived water soluble organic and mineral colloidal chelated. (That is, liquid calcium supplement with vitamin D, magnesium and manganese are excellent).

Dietary advice for the natural treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

Natural sources of calcium: in certain dairy products like yogurt and cheese (milk is a good source because it contains a lot of protein and calcium to prevent absorption), green leafy vegetables (broccoli and Spinach, for example), tofu, almonds, calcium-fortified foods (eg orange juice fortified with calcium supplements).
Natural sources of vitamin D: egg yolks, saltwater fish, liver Note: Your skin is vitamin D after direct exposure to sunlight.
Drink eight glasses of pure, filtered water each day (they need water to flush out toxins).
Eat a variety of foods low in fat, high protein intake.
Eat organic foods, fresh whenever possible.

Exercise and lifestyle for osteoporosis

Exercise is important as a natural treatment for osteoporosis because bones respond to exercise in the same way that muscles – become stronger. (If you have osteoporosis, plan your exercise program with your doctor.

Resistance training is the best answer because the bones getting stronger (eg, walking, hiking, jogging, stair climbing, weightlifting, tennis).

The one thing that conventional medicine and natural treatments for osteoporosis have in common is exercise.
Many accidents and falls take place in the house because that’s where they spend most of their time. If you have osteoporosis, keep the house in order and unobstructed. Things in hand. It makes use of a cane or other aid for the support. Make sure stairs are well lit. Do not rush! Treatment of osteoporosis, of course, you can start your own home!

Treating osteoporosis naturally – things to avoid:

Smoking affects the lungs and is bad for bad for the bones and osteoporosis.
Excessive alcohol consumption – can contribute to bone loss.
Processed foods (many processed foods are high in phosphorus. Diets rich in phosphorus changed the ratio of calcium and phosphorus can cause calcium deficiency.)
Some medications can cause bone loss, especially prescription drugs for arthritis and asthma.
Too much sugar and caffeine leads to calcium loss in bones.
Carbonated drinks neutralize stomach acid – the result is reduced absorption of calcium in bones.

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