The teeth and life

Assuming that the teeth is so easy that almost all of us to do. We often forget them when they are causing any problems, and leave them alone to take care about themselves.

The fact is, however, that the teeth, if neglected and not treated properly begin to rot. If we ignore, we will lose.

An unpleasant situation can be easily avoided simply by giving your teeth a little care and attention every day and visiting your dentist regularly. With proper care, teeth should be attractive and stay healthy for life.

The first steps in this direction should be in early childhood, and to keep baby teeth healthy child is essential for permanent teeth to develop properly. These teeth also need care to keep them free of bacteria that cause plaque and cavities. Regular visits to the dentist are important – not only to repair the damage, but also to protect the health of your teeth and get professional advice on caring for your home between revisions.

Dental care should begin as soon as the teeth of a child begins to emerge. The plaque that forms on the surface must be removed by careful brushing. This will also ensure that the child get into the habit of brushing their teeth at an early age. Since a child depends on the teeth for six full years, and also because these teeth are guiding the growth of permanent teeth, daily care is essential.

At birth, the first baby teeth are already formed in the jaw. Between three and six months of age, these teeth (called “baby teeth”) begin to appear, at the age of three, a child must have a complete set of 20 teeth.

The first permanent teeth begin to break through at the time the child is moving to primary school and early teens, a set of 28 permanent teeth should be in place. The four wisdom teeth (the ones in the back of the jaw) are the last to appear, usually around 18 or 20.

Growth rates vary among children, while the early or late onset of the teeth should not be a concern. With proper care, the permanent teeth should last a lifetime. Sometimes the permanent teeth grow irregularly or packaged, if there is enough room for them – what can happen when baby teeth fall out early due to decay.

To put teeth into their proper position, the special orthodontic treatment is necessary. The keys (sometimes called “The Palace”) can be used to guide the teeth to repel in their correct positions, and sometimes a tooth or two can be removed to make room for others.

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