The health benefits of salt lamps

Have you ever noticed how warm and fuzzy about the screen seems to feel that you are sitting in front of it ? What about the heat of your TV as you walk by it ? All that heat is not good for us and certainly not good for the air we breathe .

This heat is actually an electromagnetic field that is filled with positive ions, which are bad for us .

What is a salt lamp does is eliminate these positive ions, by using negative ions that clean the air we breathe .

The air in our homes is filled with contaminants and dust particles are positively charged ions. Our electronic devices such as phones , computers, laptops , televisions and kitchen appliances all emit positive ions dirty .

Or, as some call them , electro – smog.

This electromagnetic pollution can have a very negative impact on our health and general attitudes . During the exposure to which can actually cause nervousness , insomnia and lack of concentration . There will also be an accumulation of more free radicals in the body, which are known to cause cancer.

How does salt lamp work?

The negative ions in salt lamps really do is neutralize the positive ions , which make it become heavier and fall. They are not already in our normal air flow , thereby eliminating the air pollution to us.

We can not breathe is not there ?

This simultaneously reduces collecting dust around your home as well .. it is also a great additional benefit.

Salt Lamp Benefits

Some of the benefits of having a salt lamp in your home are

Reduce allergens in your home
Improved concentration
Reduces fatigue and stress
Reducing electron radiation , especially computer screens
Mitigate the effects of artificial lighting
Give a calming effect comforting

And not just for your home, some other sites would be to use your office work , nursing homes , spas and beauty salons waiting room, or even in a bar or casino where smokey smell may linger .

How do you make salt lamps ?

Salt lamps are pieces of ancient stone cutting Himalayan salt in different sizes and shapes.

They are dug to a light bulb and a wooden base attached . Some come in the form of animals, and some only come with a natural look rough . This Himalayan salt comes from the salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas .

Salt contains 84 minerals that have been stored for millions of years . These minerals are full of stored energy is released when heated with a common bulb or candle .

Does Size Matter ?

In this case, it does! The larger the bulb, the area covered .

A good size for a room would be 6-8 pounds , which covers an area of ​​about 10×10 . For the desk lamp, 4-5 pounds should be enough.

Some people put more lights in large rooms , or just keep them where they spend most of the time. Lanterns for your bedroom and larger to complement and enhance the living room .

salt lamps are perfect for restoring and maintaining the quality of air we breathe quietly and naturally. Some of the stories were incredible people with allergies and asthma sufferers who have shown great improvement .

So if you want to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and to a great work of art in your home, a Himalayan salt lamp can be what you want .

If you have a respiratory problem and you just want to try something different and very experienced, salt lamps give it a try . The health benefits of having this type of salt in your life could be very useful to all .

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