The effects of gravity on health, mind and body

In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published his article on universal gravitation. The mathematical equation he came up really means that two masses are gravitationally attracted to each other and both are subject to “pull” it (force). However, this results in a force much greater acceleration of a smaller object (a tennis ball, for example).

When a ball is dropped then falls to the ground, the earth and the tennis ball experience in an amount equal to the force. The movement of the earth around the tennis ball is negligible because its mass is so large compared to the mass of the tennis ball.

Now we can connect this theory to move what happens inside human beings during their lives.

Middle-age spread is not only due to weight gain due to a slower metabolism! It is also our prolapse of internal organs due to gravity. In fact, “re-locate” because of gravity! Yes, they move within us.

This is one of the reasons for stress urinary incontinence is a concern for women around 40 years. The position of the sleeves presses against the uterus and bladder.

Our hearts must work against gravity to get the blood flowing to the brain. This particular flow of blood is vital for us because our brains are the largest consumer of oxygenated blood in our circulatory system.

Gravity can also cause us to lose up to an inch in height every day thanks to its resistance to compression of the discs in our spine. If taken at the end of your work day and again after having had their main sleep period (for office workers is likely to be 23.00 h – 06.30 h), you will see the difference in size . Will be larger after sleep!

So how can we help ourselves to combating the harmful effects of gravitation? Well, for this it is necessary to improve the following:

Blood flow to the heart from the lower body part

The flow of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the brain

Improve lymphatic circulation to relieve inflammation of the members and increase drainage of toxins in body cells through the excretory system main circulation system

We have to take stock of our internal organs caused by gravity to encourage them to remain in their natural position

We can take advantage of this attractive force to help us achieve these goals by raising the legs above our heads supine for at least a few minutes each day or inverted using traditional yoga positions that both encourages improved circulation and lymphatic circulatory system.

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