The best solution for tooth loss

A dental implant is the modern solution for missing teeth. This is to establish an artificial tooth that looks natural and feels safe in the place of his missing property. The other two remedies for tooth loss and traditional dentures are dental bridges.

Dentures are something I have been led by their grandparents. They are almost always characterized, fail because of the ease of the mouth. The dentures are for those with two or more missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth are lost, dentures can be partial or complete. For some patients, the teeth of a pair can be removed for proper fit of the prosthesis.

Some people opt for this solution because they are removable, while the work of the supporting structure of the face and prevent sunken look more missing teeth can cause. There are clinics that use advanced technology to the same color as your dentures, especially the type in some way match your natural teeth. However, they also are often called false teeth, unfortunately, because they really are and that generally look or feel natural.

A dental bridge, on the other hand, as a set of dentures and dental implants, it is recommended if you have a missing tooth or two. This is a false tooth or dentures, if any, attached to two crowns. The two rings then stick to the existing teeth. Since it has hardened, it can be removed, unlike the prosthesis.

The bridges are of three types. Conventional fixed bridges, either made of porcelain or ceramic, involve creating a crown of the tooth or implant on either side of missing teeth with a pontic, an artificial tooth, between the two. Cantilever bridges are used when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the tooth or missing teeth. The disadvantage of this bridge is an artificial tooth support is provided by a single tooth. Resin or Maryland bridges are of the teeth and gums plastic supported by a metal frame. This bridge is very low and suggests that a front tooth or missing teeth.

A dental implant is finally the recommended solution today, because it is permanent and feels and works like a healthy tooth. Initially, a titanium post is the jawbone surgically. Once healed, the dentist will put a small pillar on the implant. An impression is then taken and will be used by a dental lab technician for replacement teeth or crown. The final crown is placed over the implant.

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