Several types of laser eye surgery

Just as there are different conditions that can be treated with laser eye surgery, there are several different forms of laser eye surgery, including but not limited to PRK, LASIK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK, Presbylasik, iLASIK, Custom Wavefront LASIK Bladeless LASIK and The IntraLase ® FS. The most common of these procedures are described below:

Lasik – With laser eye surgery, a thin flap is cut, then lifted from the surface of the eye. A laser beam or the energy is then applied appropriately to the eye corresponding to the remodeling. The thin flap is first cut and lifted from the eye is then replaced on the objective of a natural bandage that will accelerate the healing process of Lasik surgery. Finally, the flap is replaced coarser in size and is typically created with either a laser or a microkeratome cutting tool. There are generally three different types of lasers that can be used for Lasik surgery – wavefront-guided, laser scanners and laser slit scanning spot.

PRK – PRK is known as the original laser eye surgery and the difference in laser eye surgery, PRK does not require a flap thing to take from the surface of the eye. Instead, the laser beam, or energy is applied directly to the eye surface. The outer layer of the eye, which is very thin and is known as the epithelium is removed completely from the laser power. Finally, this ultra slim external eye grow back. This eye surgery may be necessary especially for people who have thin corneas.

Lasek – This eye surgery, in particular, retains the thin outer layer of the eye by lifting the eye’s surface before any force applied to laser to reshape the surface good. The epithelium is replaced in the eye after the procedure is complete. A drill bit is the name of the cutting tool used to create the flap of ultra-fine used with this particular laser surgery.

With Lasik surgery, you will not get his glasses by his bed every morning so you can see clearly. Instead, be strongly as soon as you open your eyes! It will take some getting used to – live life to the point of complete with a crystal clear vision – but it will be worth every bit of it!

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