Roadmap for Vibrant Health – About Cholesterol?

There are more than twenty years, I attended a presentation by a medical nutrition and explained why cholesterol was not a major issue and that it mainly sold statin and low cholesterol foods, and that in some countries, is not a big problem.

With respect to this, much more information is available. Not only studies that are poorly constructed and do not allow factors that cause errors. Pharmaceutical companies have long been guilty of cherry choosing these studies are consistent with the results they want to support their medication.

It is interesting that most of the solid studies outside of Scandinavia and at a time when all studies of a drug should be considered not only as those that are suitable for pharmaceutical companies.

Now comes an Irish engineer who had some health problems and was not satisfied with the medical explanations he received.

This expert is an expert in solving complex engineering problems and has a special ability to sort the studies and to separate those carried out correctly and those that are weak or inaccurate.

With regard to some cholesterol studies, he said words to the effect that, if those faulty data were used to build a bridge, they would fall. However, it is the data that was used to promote a health issue and a class of drugs that have generated billions for several pharmaceutical companies.

I do not want this article to sound like a conspiracy theory, and I encourage you to do your own research and consider it.

As a short summary, cholesterol is first required by every cell in our body so we can live. If we have to eliminate it, we will die quickly.

We have medications called statins that lower LDL cholesterol (which is bad cholesterol, while LDL is technically a type of cholesterol and triglyceride-containing package). We were told there was no way to increase HDL (good cholesterol more than another pack with less cholesterol)

We were told that saturated fats raised our cholesterol, but the world’s top researchers tell us now, this is not the case. Eggs and butter are good foods again.

Now we know that a diet rich in saturated fats and low in carbohydrates reduces fats in the blood and increases good cholesterol. Carbohydrates sequester more fat in the bloodstream, where they oxidize and eventually deposited in the arterial walls.

Ultimately, we consume healthy saturated fat, but much less carbohydrates, which is the opposite of government guidelines issued in 1970 after a failed search. This guide has been described as the greatest experience of human food in its absence in human history.

The bad news is that it continues in the circles that get their information passed guidelines. I hope you will do your own research and that I will not trust your health information so badly destroyed.

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