Revolutionized Cardiology

Stethoscopes are also important for a doctor or other like oxygen for living things. Without a stethoscope, the doctor will not be able to perform the first level of review. Therefore, a stethoscope cardiology stethoscope and others have been constantly updated over time to provide a better hearing and other enhanced features to help users. Stethoscopes for use by physicians were the first acoustic stethoscopes. They had a diaphragm on one side and a bell or a cup hole in the side of the chest piece. To hear high frequency sounds, the auditors used the diaphragm and hear low frequency sounds, use the bell. However, the problem with acoustic stethoscopes was mainly due to the loss of it. Sound waves, traveling through the hollow rubber tubes, used to suffer losses before reaching the ear piece. This was a problem hearing the soft sounds of the body in a noisy environment.

Now, one of Cardiology has revolutionized hear all kinds of solid body with great clarity. These are known as electronic stethoscopes. Cardiology install electronic stethoscope to amplify sounds to a level appropriate for the convenience of the listener. Therefore, doctors can use a stethoscope to listen to heart sounds weak of an obese patient and loud sounds of the heart of a child with excellent clarity. Cardiology noise electronic stethoscope also causes no loss, because it converts sound waves into electrical signals that are amplified and processed to provide a better hearing for the listener. Also, doctors do not have to return the piece to change the chest between the diaphragm and the bell. It can be simply achieved by the switching function under the electronic stethoscopes. An electronic stethoscope cardiology also comes with a recording function. This allows you to record heart sounds on an iPod, MP3 player or laptop and play these sounds at different speeds depending on the appropriateness of medical or other professional.

Cardiology is primarily used to hear irregular heartbeats or murmurs. Irregular heartbeat may be due to a number of reasons. The heart beats in some patients may accelerate after the consumption of caffeine or alcohol, which is not life threatening. On the other hand, irregular heartbeat may be the result of ventricular fibrillation, which is certainly life-threatening. Listening to these irregular heartbeat with a stethoscope cardiology, doctors can diagnose the reason behind this and treat the patient appropriately with it. Cardiology also be effectively used to listen to heart murmurs, which is the sound of blood flowing too fast or unusual ways. This occurs mainly with athletes and pregnant women and is a sign that there is a serious problem.

Therefore, to understand why a cardiology stethoscope is so important for a doctor. This is because it has the ability to save lives. Therefore, the better the transmission of sound, the best is a stethoscope. Not surprisingly, an electronic stethoscope cardiology is gaining popularity in the median.

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