Preventive medicine for health

The reform of the health law adopted by the new Congress requires insurance companies to provide full coverage of preventive medicine. This means your insurance company has to pay for annual checkups and cancer screening and can not charge a copayment or deductible. The goal is to try to find health problems time treatment will be more efficient and save money in the long term.

There is a long list of testing procedures that will be completely covered by the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Health Care. Included are projections for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colon cancer. A mammogram can reveal the early stages of breast cancer and doctors warned before the disease spreads to other parts of the body that makes treatment more difficult. Colonoscopy is performed to try to detect colon cancer. The procedure is very effective in detecting precancerous polyps can be removed before they become cancerous. Colonoscopy is recommended for people over 50 years.

The new law also requires coverage of the tests that determine the level of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Heart disease and stroke are two causes of death in the United States and identifying people who may be at risk of developing these problems will help them get treatment to prevent heart attacks. In addition to these procedures, the law also provides that insurers must cover tests for things like depression, alcohol abuse and obesity.

The provisions of preventive medicine Reform Act of health care also includes all vaccines for children. This means that vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella are fully covered by insurance. The new law also ensures that all children are early detection of hearing and vision that can affect their development. Testing for lead poisoning shall be covered by health insurance and plans, as well as the law requires that health plans pay for vaccinations against influenza and tetanus.

Under the new law, women are given new guarantees you will not have to pay out of pocket for preventive services when they are pregnant. The law states that the detection of hepatitis C, syphilis and anemia screening is included in the first prenatal visit. The law also requires that the intervention would be covered for women who have problems in this area.

When it comes to children who are more procedures and projections that are now paid in full by the insurer, with the hope that they are to their liking. Vaccines are completely covered with the detection of lead poisoning. The law also requires that the detection of autism in children under 18 months, more than 24 months of age. There are other preventive tests can also ensure that the child develops at a good pace with routine hearing and eye exams. It is also advisable to take advantage of the oral health assessment that the law allows, so you can be sure that your child has no problems in this area.

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