Preventive health – Who cares for us sick?

What is the definition of “health” – is healthy if you do not feel sick? This is “the absence of disease or physical pain.” Therefore, “being healthy” means everything to prevent degenerative diseases and pain associated with it.

So far everyone is fine, but when asked how to do this, you will be flooded with tips that will cost the state of total confusion – to be exploited by special interest groups. Who do you believe – that your government? Well, first let’s take a look at the U.S. health and Human Services – What about “being healthy”? Absolutely nothing! Then there is the U.S. official Government website for people with Medicare (health insurance for U.S. residents age 65) “Preventive services: Healthier U.S. Starts Here” how the government (Medicare website) define “being healthy” ? It is recommended that – for example – that do the following:

Detection of cardiovascular disease: high cholesterol may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. These tests show if you have high cholesterol. You may be able to make changes in lifestyle (eg, changing your diet) to lower cholesterol and stay healthy.
* Quit smoking: The U.S. Surgeon General reported that quitting smoking leads to a significant reduction in the risk of certain diseases and other health benefits, even in older adults who have smoked for years. People with the disease are diagnosed with a snuff-related illness such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke), multiple cancer, lung disease, weak bones, blood clots, and cataracts can get coverage smoking and the use of smoking cessation counseling. These diseases represent the majority of Medicare spending today. People with celiac disease have to take one of the many medications whose effectiveness is complicated by the consumption of snuff included – insulin and drugs for high blood pressure, blood clots, and depression are also eligible for the board.
* Colon cancer screening: colorectal cancer is usually found in people 50 years or more, and the risk goes up with age. Medicare covers screening tests for colorectal cancer to help find precancerous polyps (growth in the colon) so they can be removed before they become cancer. Treatment works best when colorectal cancer is detected early.
* Testing Diabetes: Diabetes is a disease where your body does not produce enough insulin or has a reduced response to insulin. Diabetes causes your blood sugar is too high because insulin is needed to use sugar properly. Blood sugar is not good for your health. For people with health insurance at risk for diabetes, Medicare covers an examination of the blood sugar of diabetes screening. Considered at risk if you have the following: hypertension, dyslipidemia (history of abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides), obesity or a history of hyperglycemia. Other risk factors may also qualify for this test and based on the results, you may be eligible for a maximum of two sessions per year. Medicare also covers certain supplies and self-management training to identify and treat diabetes.

All this does not really qualify for the section of “being healthy”, why? Because these tests can diagnose the disease manifests itself. So, of course, is recommended to diagnose the disease early, staying healthy should be defined as the adoption of a lifestyle that prevents the body becomes vulnerable to the disease of contract in the first place.

In the bottom of the website of the Government in the Publications section, is a downloadable document entitled “Staying Healthy:. Medicare Preventive Services” ( Here is the extract of the essence.:

What can you do to help prevent disease?

You can stay healthy, live longer and delay or prevent many diseases by:

* Exercise, any physical activity you enjoy for 20-30 minutes five or six days a week. Talk to your doctor about an exercise program for you.
* Eating well eat a healthy diet of different foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein (meat, fish or beans) and grains (rice). You should also limit the amount of saturated fat you eat.
* Maintain a healthy weight-Watch your sides and try to balance the calories you eat with the number you burn through exercise.
* Do not smoke, talk to your doctor for help quitting smoking.
* Get preventive services delay or mitigate the effects of disease by obtaining preventive services, such as testing for early detection of the disease to find, and vaccines to prevent dangerous infections.

Do not you wonder why you’re not on top of the page – that the government actually knows that this is what can save the health system a huge amount of money?
“You think you know what will make you healthier, but are you sure provide credible: Then there is another website dedicated to the U.S. government” American sound “( and read opening theme? accurate information to help you choose to live a healthier life.”

This is exactly what we needed, reliable and accurate! But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true, we’ll discuss that later. Welcome and read the paragraph:
“The” HealthierUS “initiative is a national effort to improve people’s lives, prevent and reduce the costs of the disease and promote community health and welfare of the decision to live a healthier life is easy. C is the follow-through so hard that it made a good start on reaching to get the correct information on how to improve their health habits you will learn to: .. Make physical activity part of your day, eat healthier foods, protect yourself and your family against illness and avoid risks to their health and their loved ones. Bad habits are not easily broken. Vouchers are not easy to win. But you can do it! “

Was not so great – that is the government and stay healthy for life?
The analysis of these statements I have figured out that they do good for someone who was totally ignorant of health issues and believes that the tape of the tomato in a double cheeseburger vitamin a day. However, almost everyone is likely to be guided to the disease rampant and life quality short and long term suffering.

How is this possible? The government consists of people who are in constant pressure from special interest groups whose interests are well protected. The result is a website that started with good intentions and is now equipped with false and misleading information and omissions -. “Reliable and accurate” far from the promise of

These are too numerous to mention them all, but here are some examples to illustrate the fact that you have to be very critical about who and what to believe:

* Under nutrition is “Key Recommendations for the general population,” which recommends drinking three cups of milk a day, and “Healthy Eating” is “Milk”, which connects the dairy industry. The truth is that milk from highly processed supermarket is dangerous to your health, like the first time by the Foundation Weston A. Price more than sixty years. There is overwhelming evidence that milk of today is not a health food, but the dairy industry and its allies – the government continues its promotion.
* “Key Recommendations for the general population” is not recommended to prevent HFC refined white sugar, table or artificial sweeteners like aspartame, simply said “useless”, but the literature is full of threats to health ” unexplained symptoms “caused by artificial sweeteners. The site is also silent on the adverse health effects of soft drinks, sugar, both loaded and synthetically sweetened (diet soda) varieties.
* Water is the foundation of all life and essential to sustainable health. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), water is water and is the recommendation: drink a lot. It is not even a trace of a hint of tap water and avoid drugs and toxins remains deadly tap water, not to mention intentionally added fluoride and chloramines. CDC seems to prefer bottled water, but does not mention the dangers of bottled water, as toxins from leaching of plastic materials and bacteria, not worth mentioning that many bottled waters are just tap water. Instead, it recommends that freeze bottles of water and drink it cold, but mention that water ice is sitting like a stone in the stomach and uses the body’s “energy to heat a body temperature that can be used for hydration.
* The entire site with all the links, it seems completely silent on these issues of basic health care and how to handle herbicides, fungicides and pesticides responsible for the production before consumption, or the dangers of (Genetically Modified Organisms ) genetically modified foods. Instead, it promotes processed foods sprayed with synthetic vitamins. If you then examine the ingredients label of healthier products of this company, we see that the product is loaded with chemicals and toxins, but not natural.

So why do you need all this information? Because it’s all about your health and I want you to realize that no one but himself is responsible for their welfare. It can be a challenge to navigate through a wealth of information in an environment of corruption, special interests, deceit, fraud and pressure systems that prevents seemed credible institutions such as government agencies. I recommend you to shape your own opinion:

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