Prevent Memory Loss – Do not expect to save Your Mind

One of ten meters from the shopping center and suffers memory loss and confusion before 60 years. They are people like you and me. They simply do not have the knowledge to prevent brain decline with age.

Because we can not see our brain, we tend to take for granted. We spend more time and effort to take care of our teeth. But bad teeth can be easily fixed brains are irreplaceable. There is general consensus among neurologists that once symptoms appear brain degeneration, current treatments are ineffective. Beware of yourself.

Recent science shows clearly that almost everyone starts to develop in the brain decrease of approximately 35 years, with a loss of consciousness. Five aspects that are measurable loss in 40 years: loss of memory, loss of balance, decreased motor control, slowing the brain and reduced spatial discrimination. These problems slow but steady progress.

Cognitive impairment with aging has increased to about 11 million people in the United States alone. The incidence began to increase rapidly in 1960, and has doubled since 1980 to become the sixth leading cause of death among Americans today. Is expected to increase another 50% in 2025. Act now, decisively, to prevent it from happening to you or your family.

The first step to save your brain is now measuring cognitive ability. Scientists have learned to measure some of the cognitive functions that decline by a normal amount for each decade of age. These are called biomarkers of brain aging. These are now used to assess the biological age of the brain, compared to their chronological age.

One of the easiest tests to do is balance. To maintain balance, the brain combines multiple sensory signals and sends thousands of integrated signals in the brain and body every second. A good balance is a function of primary brain for many skills. But most people do not even think about it, and quickly lose their balance with age.

Here’s a simple test you can do at home to measure the biological age of your brain to maintain balance. Try it without shoes. Choose an open area of ​​the carpet so that if you lose your balance, can not hurt. Standing on one leg, arms slightly bent, as if running. When you feel your balance is good, close your eyes. Standing on one leg with eyes closed while counting to 30 slowly, or the time a person for 30 seconds. Do not move the foot upwards.

If you have to move your foot is down, or loses balance and the need to put the other foot down again. After three practice trials, three-time and closed the average time that you were able to be in balance with eyes. Then perform the test with the other leg. Good balance gives the time of 20 seconds or more.

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