Pregnancy: Tips for Minimizing bitter morning sickness

So Mom is! It is your stage of pregnancy and mornings are no longer good morning, are rather bad morning. Even on the day every time you wake up from a nap after dreaming about your little bundle of joy, you find you’re down with nausea during pregnancy, a sick feeling unwell. Do not worry, relax. Here are some tips to minimize this difficult time period sometimes tries to overshadow the beautiful experience of motherhood during pregnancy.
Pregnancy can not be separated from morning sickness or nausea and vomiting during pregnancy or pregnancy sickness. If a mother feel good and increased during the period of pregnancy should be considered lucky, but in most cases (between 50 and 95 percent of all pregnant women) Morning sickness is called pregnancy bitter party . It is at the same time, a natural phenomenon during pregnancy so there is not much to worry about. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, if it occurs more frequently in the morning.

Morning sickness usually starts in the first month of pregnancy, peaking in the fifth and seventh week until week 14-16 of pregnancy. To half of patients, is terminated by the 16th week of pregnancy. It may take up to a month to get relief. Some women suffer intermittent episodes throughout their pregnancy.

The exact reason for nausea during pregnancy is not yet known. According to experts, it is very likely due to the high levels of the hormone ie human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in pregnancy. There could be other reasons too, such as: –

An increase in circulating levels of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen levels can increase up to a hundred times during pregnancy.
Drop in blood sugar during pregnancy.

An increase in progesterone relaxes the muscles of the uterus, but can also relax the stomach and intestine, leading to withstand excess acid during pregnancy.

Increased sensitivity to odors during pregnancy, normally stimulates nausea more triggers.

Untested remedies to treat morning sickness during pregnancy, and are also approved by grannies are offered.

Avoid empty stomach in the pregnancy period. Take preferably secondary toast cereal with milk or tea on an empty stomach; or a glass of water with crackers before getting out of bed Throughout the day, drink plenty of juice, buttermilk or skim milk.

No cut in food or food instead of eating less, but at short intervals. Other vomiting can leave dehydrated, hurt the baby too.

Focus on foods rich in carbohydrates food meal bread, potatoes, brown rice, cereals. Eat five or six small meals a day instead of three large during pregnancy definitely alleviate the problem of nausea.

Avoid fatty or fried foods during pregnancy because they take longer to digest.

Do not lie down immediately after eating during pregnancy, it will make you uncomfortable.

During pregnancy not spend working. Take all the rest you can. Nothing like a good dream. A nap will make you feel better.

Ginger capsules, tea or in any way helps a lot in pregnancy disease.

Vitamin B6 and zinc are known to reduce nausea, but take them under the supervision of medical experts. Alternatively, take a banana, grapes or hazel. They are wonderful remedies to reduce nausea during pregnancy.

Lemons, especially the smell of freshly cut lemons, could cool off during pregnancy.

Drink fluids 30-45 minutes after eating solid food, as this aids digestion during pregnancy.

More often than not, the desire to vomit is suppressed by these simple measures. Otherwise, your doctor may counteract nausea with other medicines. Also ask your doctor to prescribe medications for heartburn, pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

The exercise of the right light. Start slowly and work yourself up to tempo. Exercise reduces unwanted fat, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. Studies show nausea can be reduced by regular light exercise such as walking. Walking Therapy will certainly make you feel good especially if you live in a green dot. Being one with nature and enjoy fresh and relaxed operation.

Pregnancy is a time to enjoy and not be stressed. Make your pregnancy a wonderful and heavenly experience. God has been very kind to women, and which granted the right to create humans single women living, and create a beautiful new life of her own flesh and blood. Start relaxation, meditation or other spiritual practice that will calm and center and help you get rid of anxiety or stress. Put music is spiritual calm instrumental music, songs or other music that makes you feel relaxed and at peace.

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