Plastic surgery is more than cosmetic

When most people think of plastic surgery today, think of cosmetic surgery designed to modify or improve the appearance of a person for superficial reasons. However, the area includes much more than that, and has many practical applications necessary as it surfaces.

Plastic surgery is and always will be closely associated with numerous procedures and often unnecessarily to keep patients looking their best. Whether it’s a facelift of an older woman or a man apparently liposuction to fill, these businesses to define the scope of the more secular mind.

However, for a plastic surgeon with many more on the ground that work on the appearances of vain or insecure. Because these doctors also work closely with accident victims or persons affected by serious illness, the various most important branches of the field also has important practical applications. Similarly, there are many other branches of plastic surgery, which are important elements of the domain.

The treatment of burns is an important component of aesthetic medicine and is the work done immediately after a burn to help rebuild the affected area in the body of a patient. Once the burn has healed and the scar tissue has developed in the wound, often the surgeon uses a skin graft to help place the new tissue in the affected area. The application appears natural and is capable of being infused with the surrounding tissue. This involves removing the skin of another, less visible area of ​​the body and move to the area of ​​the burn.

Craniofacial work can be completed in children and adults, but on each work is divided into its own group. Pediatric applications often include the treatment of genetic defects such as cleft lip or injury during childhood or the early years of a child. Programs for Adults usually revolve around the treatment of fractures and other injuries resulting from accidents of a certain type of trauma to the affected area. Because children are often faced with complex problems related to birth defects or diseases, while in early childhood, the pediatric applications of these drugs to form their own branch, as part of cosmetic medicine.

Because the human hand is a complex and delicate treatment of injuries and illnesses involving also entering the field of plastic surgery. Manicures include injuries, deformities resulting from disease or genetic defects and problems with the nerves of the extremities such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Such work is also problematic and difficult to develop because of the potential problems associated with the development of scar tissue in the complex structure of the hand.

Microsurgery is also an important component of cosmetic medicine. This may include amputations and fixation of tissue by tissue needed transfer and connection of blood vessels suitable for the location of the operation. Can be surface components, such as breast reconstruction of the appearance, but usually involves the reconstruction and attachment, as a result of illness or injury.

Although often associated with unnecessary plastic surgery is an important and significant field of medicine in general. It has a number of important elements that may be necessary in your life or the life of someone you know.

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