Neck Arthritis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Medicine has many names for arthritis of the neck. Doctors refer to this condition as cervical spondylosis or degenerative disc disease. But whatever the name they have for it, it is very important that the nature of this disease is known as the right way to treat can be made.

Arthritis of the neck has many causes. Although it is very difficult for doctors to tell patients exactly what caught the disease, you can certainly do what you should do every time you attack the disease.

Symptoms of arthritis neck

You probably have arthritis in the neck if you have severe neck and shoulder pain, as they are the body parts like neck arthritis are often targets. Despite these pains are concentrated around these areas, it is not impossible that you have episodes of headache too.

Apart from these unbearable pain, it is also common for patients with rheumatoid neck feel a certain level of stiffness in the neck too. This rigidity is characterized by the inability of the person to bend or twist the neck and head from one side to another.

Since arthritis affects the neck shoulder pain can eventually kill the point of the shoulder in a certain part of the arm. With this pain, would also be a weakness and numbness in the arm. Both sensations are caused by arthritis of the neck. This is not another kind of problem completely, even if the arms are away from the neck. There are also cases where the symptoms are felt in both arms and hands cause to be difficult.

Unfortunately, the pain does not always end in the arms alone. More often than not, it falls on the legs. The same type of pain is felt. A lower level of sensation and vibration are also known around the leg and foot area whenever neck arthritis attacks.

Another obvious symptom of cervical arthritis have trouble urinating. There are cases where patients with this disease urinate too often in the past. Some, on the other hand, the need to urinate immediately. This is the reason for urinary incontinence in patients with rheumatoid neck is a bit too common.

The causes of arthritis neck

Arthritis of the neck is often caused by the changes of the cervical spine of a person. The body of a person changes as you age. And this is the main reason that cases of arthritis in the neck is quite common for the elderly. Following the same principle, the spurs of bone calcium accumulation can also be the cause of this disease.

When changes in the body of an individual, especially in those areas, some nerves are affected. Some of them are inflamed, compressed or pinched. These are the main reasons for the symptoms of arthritis of the neck series. Blood flow can also be affected by this disease.

Treat Neck Arthritis

Treatment of rheumatoid neck primary limit neck movement. For this, a cervical collar can be used. In some cases, a necklace is not enough to do the job, a brace must be fitted around the neck. These devices become necessary to treat the disease.

But if treatment is not enough, surgery may be necessary. Generally, surgery is an option for patients who complain of severe pain and unbearable. And if there are significant neurological deficits, surgery is very likely to be proposed by the doctor as well. Neurological deficits characterized by difficulty walking, overall weakness, hands and problems in the area of the bladder. Any specific compression on the spinal cord is also a reason to go to surgery.

These are the basic facts related to arthritis in the neck. Knowing all this would encourage people to better understand the disease and act accordingly. Arthritis of the neck is really a very serious disease. Therefore, one must take into account when diagnosed.

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