Nebulizers: Important issues that parents should know before using nebulizers in children

nebulizerWhat is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device that facilitates medication in asthmatics including children.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder with a narrowing and constriction of the bronchioles. This causes breathing difficulties as the oxygen supply to the body decreases. An aerosol is a mixture of the drug solution that is, air. Acts on the bronchioles, relieve the constriction, and improves the flow of oxygen.

Nebulization need: asthmatic patients have previously been administered injections or oral drugs. They had more time to be absorbed and provide relief. This can also cause side effects. Drugs in aerosol form when inhaled by nebulizer provides much relief. The aerosol formed bubble and reaches the bronchioles immediately.

Benefits of a Nebulizer

• Drugs that reach the target tissue within the prescribed dose immediately.

• When a spray only a small fraction of the medications by mouth or injection is used is needed for effective results.

• The use of a nebulizer provides quick and instant relief.

• There are few known side effects or toxic effects.

• nebulization can be used many times if the patient’s condition and therefore requests until complete relief is obtained.

Misting Kids

Children with asthma are generally invited to use nebulizers. Children reluctant and fearful of using a nebulizer, but parents should be careful and patiently explain how a nebulizer works. The use and benefits of a nebulizer should be emphasized in order to overcome any reluctance on the part of the child.

Misting can be used at home and many parents prefer to use at home because it is convenient, both in terms of treatment and is cost effective. Children can be easily nebulized in the comfort of their homes. Running a hospital in his spare time can be excluded. Older children can still learn to use themselves. However, it is imperative that parents know and understand the basics of a nebulizer. Some important things to keep in mind the following points –

• How to use a nebulizer – kindly ask the health professional to demonstrate the use of the instrument. Try it with your address and start using at home.

• How does the medical – drug dose varies from patient to patient, in order to obtain the dose prescribed by the doctor.

• The time that the child should be sprayed – depending on the severity of the condition of the duration of different nebulization? That’s why it is essential to know the duration of nebulization.

• How many times can spray the child – the frequency of misting says. times in a day or a week to be insured?

• When using – sometimes a light attack that disappears quickly nebulization may not need, while some children can not even withstand a light attack. Therefore, asking the medical situations using fogging.

• Keeping the team – regular and thorough cleaning of the entire unit, including the tubing and mask with an antiseptic solution is necessary to prevent infection.

• Each patient should have their own instrument. Even if there is more suffering asthma in a family, there should be multiple uses of patients infections can be easily transmitted.

• Finally, a nebulizer should be used in severe asthma or wheezing or as directed by the physician and not treat a cough.

Nebulizers and effectively deliver drugs directly into the airflow required to provide immediate relief dose.

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