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Whenever I consult for a clinic that is new to the challenges of hiring partner of chiropractic, one of the first questions I get is how to structure compensation. There are many great ways to implement wage structures and bonds for optimal motivate his new associate chiropractic. In this article I will try to discuss some of the best compensation arrangements that I have known and configuration through the years.

However, before jumping to the stage of the payment structure in particular, we will spend some time reviewing some of the obstacles and attitudes so that you are aware of the reality of working in partnership.

Reality checks

First I want to answer a question I see so often on blogs, forums, etc. on the recruitment of chiropractic assistants. We have all heard before, “… chiropractors eat their own …”

Now I realize that chiropractic, as in all professions and all areas of life, there are doctors who will benefit from chiropractic partner and vice versa. However, after thinking it must be remembered that this is a free society. Nobody is forced to work anywhere and always have the option to request a higher paid position elsewhere. In addition, supply and demand dictates that most often associated chiropractic doctor is paid. This is beyond our individual control. What are the strengths of the labor market, not greed of each owner of a chiropractic business.

If the basic salary of the average of chiropractic associate in a given area is 4000 one month I pay 6,000 because I’m a nice guy? Not if I’m a good businessman would not. Now of course, this has a variety of mitigating circumstances into account. What is the experience of this particular doctor? Do you have a patient base with him? Somehow it is or have any guarantee that the candidate can build and manage a large base of own patient data – verses just want to present and discuss one that is placed on your agenda?

A common scenario I’ve seen happen is when a chiropractic associate working for a clinic for a good period of time, usually a few years, and they know the numbers they provide, collections and that the result of their efforts, but they do not feel their wages increased compared to these figures. In fact, in most situations where I see a chiropractic associated dissatisfaction is often the case. The underlying cause of this is often a lack of communication from the owner (or fear to communicate honestly) and lack of understanding by the couple.

It is common for an owner to feel that “I am responsible” because as it is, after all, but because of this, the owner often feels that the employee does not in itself involves issues of business of the clinic. And in many but not all cases, it may be correct. However, the couple is not really “another employee” and as such, should not only be treated as such.

Failing to communicate properly from the outset often creates problems; in particular as regards payment structures. Obviously, there are reasons why wages and bonuses are valued at what they are. One reason could be because the owner “realized” chiropractic associate for a number of months (or years), while the partner has built a practice. And when success finally comes associate chiropractic business can now feel entitled to receive the benefits of taking these risks and expand these early efforts. Actually, it is a viewpoint on the side valid owner; However, chiropractic partner should be aware that from the beginning of employment.

Another observation regarding chiropractic associates is how many times will come with a number in your head to think the owner should of them. I often hear a fellow says something like “… I can understand clinical decisions about 5K per month, but I will bring to 20K, that’s not fair! …” The issue here is not the case, the question communication is new.

When a chiropractic associate begins to make a significant amount of income (note, these are the patients, has been promoted over time, and not those that were given to him when he started the clinic) in many cases, it becomes more like a partner; regardless of the “property”. And when the couple is very good, and makes the clinic a good part of the benefits, then perhaps an association of some kind should be considered at this time. After all, you do not want to lose someone that makes you money – this is where greed or ego can ruin a good thing!

One solution to help get skewed view of chiropractic associated back in the house is yours something “open the books” for him. Especially when hiring a new graduate as a partner, who often have no idea of ​​what is needed and what it takes to run a busy practice. This chiropractic partner may think very differently from their contribution of $ 20K when he discovers that the clinic is $ 80K per month to operate. I found that sometimes you really have to show numbers associated chiropractic, show the invoices, payroll, etc. It is very common that allows them to see what it takes to run a practice and mistakenly assume they are making money just goes in the pocket.

Another common scenario also applies to new graduates. As is the case with most of us when we graduated, it is common to think you can do better than status quo attitude create or perception of ‘old’ doctors. A new associate chiropractic / graduate with this mentality will see that $ 20 thousand per month and think, “I could open my own practice for 3-5k per month overhead and start pocketing $ 15K a month!” A good owner will recognize this attitude and the green time to educate the chiropractic associate in the realities, risks and challenges of owning a business often.
So … now that I have laid the foundation for serious considerations about the reality of working with partners chiropractic, let me discuss some specific scenarios compensation.

Compensation Scenarios

Combination therapy

The first consideration when it comes to what to pay a chiropractic associate revolves around what the job entails. If you have a well established clinic, with a new bulb and self-sustaining stable patient and what you want is a doctor, then you are in the best of all employment situations. Typically, in this scenario, as the owner of the clinic will not work in the clinic and the doctor will take most, if not all relays patient treatment. This is what most associated chiropractic really want. Most do not really want each other to do a lot of new patients talks, health fairs on weekends and any other type of self-promotion often necessary for a new doctor. If they really had a burning desire to do everything chiropractor probably open his own clinic.

Find a chiropractor principle that only want to adjust and pay fair wages, above all, that could be paid in your area. If you want the best of the best, then you should pay more than the next guy; How much more should be depends on what the security of this new medical means to you. For me, there is a premium that an agent of chiropractic showing all the time, never complains, does its job and is very popular with the position you have. Up to 125% of salary is reasonable for me to go.
Besides this, however, I am a big fan of the monthly premium. In this situation, but I would warn against-made collections based bonus. Associate Chiropractic in this position need not be aware of the clinical figures produced; Additionally, collections can often be very cyclical and not representative of the work done by the doctor – especially in his eyes. A simple system I use is based solely on patient visits (PV).

Whatever the average PV (last 12 months) was a month before the arrival of the doctor at the clinic, plus 10% should be the base. If the chiropractic couple doing a much better than average job, then you should be compensated adequately. So if the clinic has regularly seen in 600PV / month, then medical databases would be 660. All of the above that the doctor will give $ _____ per PV. This figure obviously depends on how your income generated by PV clinic. I would have trouble paying a good chiropractor couples over 20% of that number, so if you have made an average of $ 100 / PV then the doctor would receive a $ 20 / VP for each patient visit 660 .
With a bonus structure based on PV not only puts a good goal, but it is also very easy for everyone to follow. When I organized compensation structures in this way there are many months when the associated bonus payment chiropractic is more money. I totally agree with that, because it makes money makes money verses tell me a higher chance of stroke than normal harvest months inappropriate collections benefit.

Hybrid Partner

The next type of compensation associated Chiropractic is what I call a “hybrid” position. In this situation, you as an owner / chiropractor often try next doctor (at least for a while). You want to hire this associate chiropractic to help your patient load but also to build their own practice so that you can create another stream of income for your practice.

In my experience, the three types of chiropractic partners to discuss in this article, it is harder to find and manage. The rationale, looking for someone who is hungry; someone who is willing to work hard for little money, perhaps in the form of wages, but with the right incentives to build. If you can find a partner who is willing to grow like this, but do not really have the ability and / or desire to actually go out and do everything by itself and needs only its guide, then you may have found a diamond raw.

The risks are perhaps obvious. This can easily become associated with chiropractic type I described above, you will see your numbers, you think you can do much better on the street on their own, and use of their practice as a launching ramp. This is the most common fear of any clinical looking to hire a new associate chiropractic.

To find a good partner so you really have to act with due diligence to make sure you hire the right person. This is one of many good reasons to consider using a job to do the “filtering” for you. The other side of the coin in this scenario is hiring doctor showing all the promises in the world, but overtime can not or will not do. The doctor who sold it to be “highly motivated” when really just want to be a doctor. In the last article of this series, we will discuss how serious links when this unfortunate situation arises.

Offsetting a chiropractic associate in this position should be enough to try to ensure generous loyalty to long term, while producing a good and right for you benefit. I reviewed the clinical and implement associated, as in my clinics. The associate chiropractic made a very small base, say $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 per month; However, the only thing that will bring more than a certain amount – often use the figure of twice its base – is then divided on a percentage basis.

The reason I like to use “double their base” is defined as a 50/50 partnership in which they are paid at first base amount and so take the risk at the beginning and the basic amount is paid are equal me. Thus, I’m back to the “same” before payment of any percentage to associate chiropractic.

The percentage distribution should be provided based on the cost structure of the clinic. In very expensive to run a clinic, a 50/50 split (gross income) may be reasonable for the owner. If your boss is 80% of total sales, and keep only 50% of the gross income of the associate chiropractic, then you are not potentially enjoy 10%, while the use of 50% (above the base). This is not a just solution to the owner. However, a smaller or a less expensive way to operate the satellite clinic can help you enjoy well set 50/50. For this reason alone, I like to drive associated Chiropractic in small clinics; While we can get a good result and equitable long-term relationship and is safer!

Independent contractor associated

The third type of chiropractic associate compensation structure is really more of a partnership, but most likely will not waive any rights of ownership. It is the independent contractor associated chiropractic beginning with zero income (or perhaps a tax paid to him PV for each patient yours goodies), then simply receives a percentage of gross revenue. Again, depending on many factors, this percentage is usually 40 to 60%.

If you are interested in this is long term you may find more like an open book for the environment – especially after a year of two to prove himself – and be prepared to change the percentage in favor of chiropractic associated as it reaches more levels of gross income. Again, this is not the time to be greedy. I would have no problem with an employee of chiropractic win $ 20K per month if created 12-15K per month extra for me that I have received other than my practice has not unite income. As a calendar of motivation, something like this would not be unreasonable:

50% of gross income paid to clinical 0-10K
40% of gross income paid to clinical 10K-20K
30% of gross income paid 20-30k clinic
20% of the gross proceeds paid to the clinic in all collections> 30K

Please note this calendar as the percentage paid to the owner only low gross income that fits this new level. In other words, the first $ 10K is still at 50%, then all gross income between $ 10,001 and $ 20,000 is subject to the 40% and so on.
Moreover, as a warning, the figures provided only work well in a clinic that is around 50K / month in gross income now. Chiropractic partner that adds another 30K to 12K clinic will essentially pay, which is a number that you consider whether you really small advertisements to no more expense of its overall structure and also help reduce your patient load.

As you can see, there are many ways to structure how to compensate for his new associate chiropractic. Often, a combination of the expected scenarios in this article will prove to work well for your individual situation. Whatever path you take, do not hesitate to hour consultation with an expert who can guide you through the process. Whatever you do, be sure to consider all possible options to avoid cleaning and confront a painful and costly mistake along the way.

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