Let hyaluronic acid to the test!

Hyaluronic acid supplements

I spent several weeks in my hometown of Guadalajara in January. I had a wonderful time spending most of my holidays with my grandmother, who is 73. She is so full of life and full of energy. One of the things that hurt me when I was with her, is that she can barely walk. The knee cartilage is wasted and walking to and from the store, bank, or any other premises of the mission is a mission for days when she was planning her trip with banks. When I was with her, I decided to buy a walker fantasy, she fell in love.

As painful as it was seen my grandmother fight for his life, the idea that this problem could be hereditary haunted me. I hate to feel selfish, but when I remember the pain of my grandmother’s a fear in the back of my head there is a possibility that I’m going through something similar.

I am a slim athletic build. My body does not weigh much because I am very thin. I have participated in a sport many of which were very demanding on my body, I had to make the weight of 132 pounds. to participate in the contest. Running and keeping fit to maintain a decent weight of my week, but I think most complain of knee pain. Reminds me of my beautiful grandmother.

As a family of poor immigrants who have never benefited from health care. My mother is based on a nutritious diet to stay healthy and never went to the doctor. We never got sick and never complained much, this lifestyle has led me into adult life and never took the initiative to go to the doctor so they can see what can happen with my knees.

I refuse to go to the clinic to tell me I have to take medication or I have to stop being so active. Why? For I do not do drugs and do not stop being so active.

This dilemma led me to start looking for other ways to address some of the aches and pains that I care now. At age 30, I feel I’m too young to complain of aches and pains, but according to most people I talk with casual conversation, this is the time when he began to feel the aches and pain that limit their activity and led to his current state of health.

Something in the body of this age and I’m determined to find out what it is.

It seems that hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and provides a cushion between the joints that helps repair damaged tissue and also helps as an anti-inflammatory. It also appears that the hyaluronic acid in our body begins to run around the age of 30.

It was too much of a coincidence, so I started doing more research and according to some sources hyaluronic acid is used for all joint injections for wrinkles cosmetic.

Most sources seem reliable enough and availability of injections of hyaluronic acid topical solutions seem to vary. Injections seem expensive, and I’m not going to go to the doctor to be injected, but I’m willing to follow some of the supplements that can be taken orally.

One of the supplements that have caught my attention is that of a company that produces high quality and natural supplements. They used their holistic supplements for patients with great success and many people who are doctors endorse products offered by these natural pills holistic alternatives.

I do not know about you, but between paying for ibuprofens commitment that seem to mask the pain liver problems.

I have nothing to lose and less to gain an educational experience. At most I can work without pain and continue living a healthy lifestyle that will bring me luck in my old age.

Probably too late for my grandmother, but I am willing to send some of these supplements to it and see how it affects him. I pray to bring a little more value to your life that is not just a walker.

Today, I will start my hyaluronic acid supplements and a week from now, I will report to give my testimony a week.

What is the agenda?

3 mile run up and down hills dynamic pushing 27 pounds of extra weight

36 minutes of intense cardiovascular work and fight glove

6 minutes abs extreme resistance

3 minutes of aerobics explosives

And a lot of will

At least 3 times a week for the next 4 months I will do some variation of this report and your knees and lower back feel.

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