Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Precautions

As a candidate for laser eye surgery, you may want to know the procedures for recovery from laser eye surgery to ensure minimal side effects with maximum results. These procedures consist of rest after surgery, avoiding the elements outside the entrance near the eyes, and through regular consultation with your doctor. All these factors and others are detailed below.

Immediately after the surgery itself, the surgeon recommended contact lens in the eye operated for about four days. You are also advised to rest for a while before being released in the LASIK center, clinic or hospital. As for returning home, you should have arranged for someone you know to take you home, your eyes are in a state of healing.

It is likely that during the recovery period after laser eye surgery experience some eye irritation, and perhaps even pain. That’s why we should be given some painkillers after surgery by your physician. Also be provided with topical steroids and antibiotics to relieve inflammation and the potential to prevent infections in the operated eyes.

During this recovery phase, your vision may fluctuate for several weeks. A screen should be used on the operated eye every night for a short period of time to complete healing. During this period, the eyes or eyelids do not rub. In fact, it is better to have nothing in the way of eye contact at all, except that the peak, as this could jeopardize the integrity of the eye vulnerable.

Recalling a period of laser eye surgery can also affect the eyes and vision in other ways. Your eyes may be itchy, dry or liquid, even until the cornea has healed substantially. Many patients see clearly after the initial surgery and some may even return to work the day after surgery. This is very dependent on the speed of cure of the individual eyes. You can also see halos, difficulty reading in low light levels and increased sensitivity to light during this phase. These symptoms should pass within a few weeks.

With regard to recreation, you must wait at least 3 days before participating in any contact sport anon-up and two months for more vigorous sports. You should avoid hot tubs, swimming or tanning booths to less than a month during the recovery period after laser eye surgery. In addition, you should not consume alcohol within 48 hours of surgery and wear eye protection when you think there is a risk of debris, like a construction site.

Here are some precautions to take during the recovery period after laser eye surgery. If in doubt, consult your doctor to evaluate your current situation and make further adjustments to your plan if necessary.

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