Keeping kosher food allergies

With food allergies requires strict avoidance of allergens. Accidental ingestion of a particular food can be fatal. A person with multiple food allergens may end up with a very limited list of eligible foods . Maintain kosher means additional dietary restrictions . Awareness of kosher observance brings food can actually facilitate the management of food allergies safe.

Jewish Kashrut laws prohibit the consumption of certain foods such as pork , shellfish and insects. It also prohibits the mixing of milk and meat. A supermarket buyer observe the laws of kashrut not just put an item in your cart . They are careful to buy food with reliable kosher certification passed strict compliance with these laws. If the client also avoid certain foods due to food allergies , further reducing the list of items eligible grocery basket .

Respect kosher easy to navigate the world of food allergies . Being familiar with labels looking for a hechsher ( kosher symbol reliable ) it is good practice to review the additional label diets require food allergy . Since kosher consumers are used to separate milk and meat are used to control a label for the dairy designation . Facing the avoidance of dairy is easier if you already have a list of familiar pareve ( non-dairy ) alternative . Read the labels on food allergies should be a step to become familiar with the different names of an allergen. If we try to avoid dairy products should also be avoided : casein , lactose and galactose (partial list) . Familiar with all possible sources of specific allergen.

Passover Kashrut observance provides additional benefits for food allergy . During the feast of the Passover , breads and sourdough cakes is prohibited.

Although all kosher for Passover foods are gluten free , there are many who are. Passover products are also great for those who avoid soy and corn. Kintinyos labeled products are not free ingredients soy or corn. Nuts and eggs (2 common food allergens ) are very common in Easter products . Consumption Passover products requires greater vigilance for people allergic to eggs and nuts.

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