Information on asthma – symptoms, causes and management

Asthma comes from the Greek word meaning panting . If you had been near someone who is having a seizure, is a traumatic experience that leaves you feeling powerless. If you can recognize some of the symptoms above, there are procedures that can be done to reduce the severity of the episode. The most common symptoms are wheezing or a whistling sound when breathing , coughing , shortness of breath and chest tightness .

What happens during a seizure?

If no symptoms of an asthma attack is detected, then the individual begins to have trouble breathing. The airways leading to the lungs become inflamed and begin to cause spasms and inflammation. The narrowing of the roads makes the individual feel like you can not breathe. Imagine yourself in a room that offers least enough for you to survive oxygen. This is a very frightening experience.

Things that could cause a crisis

Many studies have been conducted on the factors that cause asthma attacks helps . One obvious element is to be smoking and secondhand smoke . It’s like a poison to a person with asthma . A bad day of pollution caused by hazardous levels of toxic chemicals in the air. Another factor is the possible origin when there are many allergens floating around for some seasons .

How is the disease spread?

How can someone contract asthma was the question of a million dollars for decades. There are many theories , but no proven answer . Scientists have developed three possible features. One theory is that the disease continues to be transmitted by genetics. If your product asthma family tree, then there is a possibility that it could be one . Other scientific thinking comes from the environment . The low quality of traffic pollution and high ozone levels in the air may contribute to disease . The industrial era is believed to put this theory to life. Another study showed faster than families who smoked during pregnancy can children develop asthma – like symptoms.

Manage Asthma

There is no known cure for asthma. However, there are simple ways to control symptoms. Be aware of pollen day and try to stay inside . Try to avoid areas affected by smoke. This includes all lights of humans or the environment . There are changes in lifestyle , such as staying away from foods that contain sulfites and maintain recommended body weight . Keep your home clean furnace filters and change every 60 to 90 days. Last but not least, be sure to take your medications as prescribed by your allergist .

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