How to use lasers in cosmetic surgery

In recent years, lasers have become a favorite tool of cosmetic surgeons in the fight against stretch marks and wrinkles. Americans turned to lasers in increasing numbers and are now one of the preferred means for treating the signs of aging.

Lasers were discovered in 1958 and found immediate applications in an industrial environment, but it soon became clear that it could play an important role in medicine as well. Unlike other sharp objects, a laser can cut through the tissue without causing bleeding and, in fact coagulates tissue to prevent bleeding. Lasers can also be very non-invasive, and can point to specific areas without affecting the surrounding tissues organic makeup.

Usefulness of lasers in cosmetic surgery was discovered almost by accident. Have been used to treat acne scars when surgeons noticed that the wrinkles of the treatment area have been greatly diminished. This is achieved by rejuvenation of the skin, revealing a new layer, cooler, to remove sun damage and other signs of aging.

Laser surgery is a form of burning, in which the top layers of skin are essentially vaporized, and acne scars, cancer and benign tumors, creases and wrinkles are removed. The procedure essentially creates aa fresh surface of the skin to grow with the new. The FDA does not regulate surgical procedures, even if it is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is used for certain purposes.

Another beneficial side effect of laser surgery is the production of collagen. The collagen gives skin texture, since it is a key protein in the tissue of skin protection. It breaks down over time for things like smoking and natural aging process. Increased collagen production may contribute to a patient seeking up to 20 years younger after laser surgery, and results can last up to 10 years.

After a laser procedure, patients should be careful to avoid the sun, or the risk of damaging your skin again. If treatment of the skin, thus they may never need treatment, but if necessary, the procedure can be repeated after one year. Unfortunately, laser surgery is limited to the face, and you can remove the loose skin. Some things still need to be treated with the traditional scalpel.

In addition to cosmetic surgery, the laser can make corrections to the other skin. Can successfully remove tattoos, treatment of excessive eye folds, and the elimination of scars and birthmarks. Also effective in hair removal and elimination of rosacea and brown spots public. The beauty of laser procedures is that they are able to act deep into the skin without affecting anything else.

This is particularly useful when using lasers to remove precancerous lesions caused by sun damage.
Cosmetic laser surgery is very effective, but not for everyone. Some people with sensitive skin creams can not handle required during the recovery procedure. In addition, people with darker skin are not good candidates due to unpredictable changes in skin tone. If cosmetic surgery is not for you, try natural cosmetics on your skin. However, lasers are wonderfully effective, and one of the safer and more sustainable lines to remove wrinkles and fine.

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