How to get care without a formal health plan

As costs soar for medical treatment and more Americans are without health insurance than ever before, many people wonder what to do when they need medical care and have a plan. If you are a person without health insurance and need medical treatment, a brief guide to help you if this difficult time.

5 ways to get medical treatment without the formal guarantee:

1) Sign up for a health plan at discounted prices. Depending on what the budget is and what their medical needs, many medical health plans that are not formal insurance. These are great because they have no requirements for pre-existing conditions, no benefits caps, and you do not have to worry about the presentation of the complicated application forms – you get a discount when you present your plan reduction Card health. In addition, many health care plans to reduce accepted by a wide variety of physicians. A healthcare provider uses database searches for doctors in your area.

2) Find independent doctors in your area. These doctors are independent companies and run a private school. A key attribute to look for this type of health professionals is a very well-received reputation within the community. These types of physicians are generally easier to find in small towns. Also, when you call to schedule an appointment, make it clear that you are uninsured and have little money. If you have a medical discount plan as above, please ask if they accept.

3) Find the local schools or medical centers of learning. These institutions typically offer treatment significantly reduced price for students.

4) If you are concerned about the treatment in an emergency, you should seek treatment in a medical emergency or EMTALA and labor law. If you were recently fired the head of a job where you and / or your family has health insurance plans you may qualify for coverage from your insurer. Specifically, the law states that insurance companies provide insurance for workers laid off at a reduced price if they enrolled in a plan through your former employer.

5) If you decide to go the emergency room for his affection, without insurance or a medical discount plan, go to the hospital billing office after being released. In some circumstances, you may be able to have given up your account if you do not have a job or other means to carry out pay the costs of health care.

In general, do not give up seeking medical attention and remember that a discount health plan is better than nothing. If you really need to see a health professional, do not wait. Your condition may worsen and continue to turn, are more expensive to treat. On the other side of the coin, make sure you are really sick before going out and spending money to a doctor. Wait on the symptoms of colds and flu and to treat them at home, unless extended beyond two weeks.

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