How can it be an allergy?

Sometimes you feel like your eyes are itchy and watery eyes? Do you sneeze and cough sometimes, even if you do not you cold? These reactions are usually caused by allergies. What are Allergies? These are the reactions of the body against substances. Some people are allergic to foods such as nuts, milk and eggs. Some are allergic to stinging insects like bees and ants. Some people are allergic to certain elements in the air, such as dust, pollen and smoke. Some people are allergic to certain medications, such as antibiotics and penicillin. Others are allergic to chemicals in some soaps, cosmetics or cleaning.

One thing that makes people wonder how someone allergies. How do they develop? Why are some people? There are many factors, but this article will only discuss the most common and obvious.

Allergies are hereditary. This is what many people believe. If someone in your family has some sort of allergic reaction to certain substances, which are likely to have the same reaction when exposed to that particular substance. A family, not just their parents but their grandparents, grandparents and other blood relatives. This is one of the most difficult to control because there is no way for people to change their genes and eliminate this genetic factor.

Allergies develop with age. Some scientists believe that some allergies develop over time, especially if you have been exposed to the allergen itself over and over again. For example, there were immigrants who originally were not allergic to pollen. However, as it was kept for a long time in a place where many pollens thrive, their bodies have developed hay fever.

Allergic reactions depend on the health of your immune system. The main function of immune system is to protect your body from harmful substances. What he thinks it’s dangerous for you will be attacked. However, when the immune system is not working well, it gets out of control. As a result, it can attack even healthy cells in your body. This is known as an autoimmune disease often. Allergic reactions can also occur when the body produces too many antibodies at some point.

Allergic reactions depend on their environment. The place where he stays most of the time counts a lot. If this place has a lot of allergens like pollen and pollutants, your immune system will always have to produce antibodies to fight the harmful substances that lead to allergic reactions. Similarly, very clean environments can make your immune system weaker, as it is not exposed to something. When finally exposed, even small amounts of allergens, it may break and be out of control.

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