How are actually younger and live longer by changing your diet

If you want to know how to look younger and live longer by changing your diet and if diet plays a role in the speed of the age, while most will agree that plays an important role in the way we look healthy inside and outside.

A brief guide that will show you how to look younger and stay healthy on the inside:

Diet Tomorrow

Depending on where you live in the world, a breakfast every morning is crucial. For something cold warm climate, which includes both vegetables and healthy protein is essential fibrous or at least something that will take a long time to burn while fighting against temperature.

Do not forget to pay off, but what if you can discipline yourself enough – before eating his breakfast in the safety of fresh fruits can be better absorbed completely before it is in a large carbohydrate meal you just consumed fat.

In hot climates, however, healthy carbohydrates work best spicy hot as noodle soup with vegetables and, if possible, fish or rice soup with herbs, vegetables, spices and protein.

These two elements are light on the stomach, but they offer a few hours of clean energy and healthy nutrients to the body, where few are stored as excess fat that you find when you eat fast food because the body has trouble breaking these bad fats because of their inherent nature abroad in our internal organs, and also provide very little clean and sustainable energy for tomorrow.

Start your day with a healthy meal clean, dividends Harvest time in its longevity in general.


Some antioxidants that come in the form of vitamins, compounds and elements should not be ignored – In summary:


For all the beneficial vitamins to support, but when it comes to antioxidants, vitamins C and Q are extremely powerful to keep young inside.

Vitamin C is found in face creams as it protects the skin against free radicals, but also during digestion is an antioxidant that cleanses and revitalizes your skin blisters.

Q10 or Vitamin Q, is salmon and mackerel, but oil is a vitamin that the body produces too much as it is in the heart of the power source to keep the organs and tissues of healthy skin.

There are vitamin supplements that clearly attributed by changing your diet looks young, but the first 2 are considered two of the most important points mentioned.


We can say that the compound resveratrol is greater longevity in the skin of red grapes and the roots of a plant called knotweed.

Both offer high levels of this polyphenol and short, when consumed regularly to help maintain healthy arteries, stripping them of toxins and provide a glow to the skin revitalized.

Available in supplement form, resveratrols secrets is not broken, but studies clearly show that only two communities in the world, in Sardinia and resvertrol Okinowa consume food at its base, the largest number of centenarians per capita in the world.


Calcium and magnesium should be probably the largest of the two elements for longevity, and when you’re within healthy and clean, always look good on the surface.

Calcium and magnesium organize endless benefits for us as it is for digestion and health of our blood, but the maintenance of bone health that will impact our overall health organizations.

Indeed, while calcium is often considered essential for building strong bones, the paradigm has changed and it now seems clear that magnesium is the main actor.

Take for example the cows eating grass all day, nothing yet become very large animals in a simple omnivorous diet.

The herb is rich in magnesium, and it is what helps bones grow large to support its enormous weight.

In short:

Consider this simple list of dietary antioxidants, compounds and elements that gave a simple approach on how to look younger can start today!

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Or should you choose to take resveratrol in large quantities to help clear the arteries from free radicals and toxins, here are 3 resveratrol supplements that some very popular when it comes to life extension.

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