Helping your child has childhood asthma ?

The juvenile asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways , which reduces , leaving the patient without air . Mortality and morbidity of asthma was reduced to some extent with increasing awareness of the facilities and medical art .

Now what causes asthma is not clearly validated , however, each patient reacts differently to allergens way . Sometimes these triggers are manipulators that makes it very difficult to prevent an asthma attack . Nocturnal asthma that occurs early in the morning did not cause quite slow breathing during sleep respiratory system sends a shock that causes an attack.

A child with asthma may have a very difficult time of innocence does not allow them to understand the seriousness of the situation. Usually , they want to run, jump , dive and perform other physical activities , but are unaware of the impending attack.

What causes asthma in children?

Allergens such as pollen, dust mites , dander or mold, airborne irritants such as cigarette smoke , perfumes , chemicals , respiratory infections, such as pneumonia or sinusitis affect the circumference of the trachea. Also in some children , the exercises can cause chest tightness , shortness of breath and cough. Emotional factors are also asthma triggers such as excitement or anxiety. NSAID medications such s can trigger an attack . Finally , the cold air at high temperature and high humidity .

Some of the drugs commonly prescribed for asthma are:

Preventive medicine: Preventive medicines should be taken long term for life . These drugs are available in the form of an inhaler or nebulizer . Corticosteroids ( Budacort ) , anti- leukotrienes ( Singulair ), beta – agonist ( Serevent Diskus ) , immunomodulators generic cromolyn nebulizer solution ( Xolair )

Emergency medications : These are also considered as rescue medication to help the patient cope with asthma. Include Proair inhaler inhaler Ventolin , Proventil HFA or .

These drugs work by reducing inflammation in the airways and dilate the bronchial muscle so that the trachea is patent.

Prevention is better than cure. It is an old adage that considered good for the contemporary world. It is always better to prevent an asthma attack , an attack can seriously affect the entire body. The researchers found that asthma can affect more than the respiratory tract. An asthma attack is linked to a number of medical conditions such as pneumonia , arthritis , osteoporosis , psychiatric disorders , obesity and heart disease . Asthma is thus more of a respiratory disease .

Therefore, disease surveillance works best for the patient regularly. Hospital visits , consultation, the therapist medical advice can maintain high levels of security. There are many applications that help patients keep track triggers , the intensity of the attack , the types of drugs used food, medicine, recovery etc.

The child must be aware of the disease and its importance. Management of a child with asthma is not easy when age is soft and difficult to analyze. Parents should provide endless support , guidance and love to keep the level of the child more confidence.

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