Hand Arthritis – Different Treatments

Arthritis of the hands is the most common form of arthritis that primarily affects the fingers. As with most forms of arthritis, inflamed joints, causing pain. Essentially, a joint is composed of two bones which are covered by the cartilage of the joint and are movable together in the other fluid. If this smooth surface is damaged or worn over time, arthritis

Arthritis of the hands is especially painful and debilitating due to the fact that hands have nineteen bones and eight small bones that has several small joints. The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis of the hand, post-traumatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Other causes of hand arthritis may include psoriasis, gout and infection.

Hand Osteoarthritis is caused by wear of the joints of the hand over time resulting in inflammation and pain. Typically this is the result of wear, but can also be the result of a specific hand injury. Osteoarthritis hand arthritis usually develops in either the bottom of the thumb, wrist, end seal that is the closest to the tip of the finger and the middle finger joint.

The most common symptoms of arthritis in the hand are pain, swelling and reduced circulation as a result of the decrease of the adhesion and holding power. Your doctor or doctor will also examine all other joints to help facilitate the diagnosis of arthritis in the hand. The doctor can also determine the severity of arthritis in the hand observing the clinical aspect of the hand. After these X-rays is used to better identify the severity of arthritis in hand looking potential bone spurs.

There are various treatments and ways to reduce the pain of arthritis in the hand. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory normally be the first treatment used for hand arthritis. Rest of hands is also crucial in terms of return to rehabilitate the area of the hand or wrist support can be useful to facilitate rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy for hand arthritis has also proved very effective as a treatment option. There are specific exercises that can help loosen stiff joints caused by arthritis hand. Steroids can also be injected locally in the affected area, but it is just a way to relieve pain, and certainly not an option for long-term treatment of arthritis of the hand.

Surgery is certainly the last resort as a treatment option for hand arthritis. The doctor or the doctor assess the patient’s health seriously, age, weight and risk of complications before recommending hand surgery as a viable treatment option for hand arthritis.

Arthritis hands can be extremely debilitating condition, but with proper diagnosis from your doctor or physician, the symptoms can be effectively managed and rehabilitation can take place. Because most forms of arthritis early diagnosis is the key to facilitate the recovery of arthritis of the hand.

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