Do You Have A Million Dollar Smile?

Smiles are seen as communicating an aura that people love to be around and people who smile a lot tend to have more friends and fewer health issues. With a little bit of knowhow, some effort and possibly a few lifestyle changes we can all achieve a smile that we are happy to show off to the world.

Smiling, Health and Self Esteem

It can be difficult to feel good about our smiles if our teeth are stained, chipped or if we have bad breath due to teeth or gum infections. For many people though, the high cost of going to the dentist makes it difficult to justify attending regularly enough to prevent many of the problems that affect a healthy smile. However, combining a healthy lifestyle with check-ups as often as possible may help to reduce many of these problems and even protect you from them.

Here are a few ways to protect your smile and help increase your self-esteem.

Protecting Your Smile

1. Plan a regular dental check-up and include it in your savings budget. This is particularly important if you are self financing your own dental care as many in the USA and around the world need to. How regular you can make these check-ups will depend on your circumstances. The cost of a check up is cheaper than the cost of expensive dental work and seeing your dentist at least once a year may help to reduce the need for expensive treatments in the future.

2. Ensure you are on a healthy diet. Remember that many cavities and dental problems are the result of poor diet choices. Sticky food and food that is high in sugar is particularly harmful to teeth.  Eat plenty of fresh food and increase calcium for healthy teeth and bones.   Keep your intake of food that can damage your teeth to a minimum and ensure you clean your teeth after eating these foods.

3. Stop smoking and reduce the intake of coffee and tea. Yellow and discoloured teeth are never attractive. Simply by stopping smoking and reducing your intake of coffee, tea and even wine you will improve their appearance and increase their whiteness. Consider paying for your teeth to be professionally whitened and then look at your lifestyle choices and reduce or eliminate those that cause teeth staining.

4. Remember that there are many government funded dental clinics that whilst they do not provide the regular check-ups that a dental clinic will do, they are a useful way of having any suddenly developing tooth infections fixed before they are able to cause serious health problems. Try to seek help for an infected tooth as early as possible to prevent bad breath and other systemic infections developing.

Whilst the minimum of dental care may not prevent problems occurring, it will help to reduce the severity of the problems. If you have teeth that require orthodontic work and you can’t afford to have it done yet, don’t hide your smile. You will brighten up someone else’s day by your smiling face. A smile costs nothing, but is worth a million dollars… even a less than perfect one.

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