Dentists recommend tips for healthy teeth

Wherever you turn there are ads for new ways to keep your teeth white. What is overlooked in our culture the importance of keeping our teeth healthy. Some dentists criticized the move of brilliant white teeth, believing that if people in the regular cleaning and avoided foods bad for your oral health, and have lost teeth white.

The aim, they say, was removed from the oral health and too much emphasis was placed on aesthetic issues. To return the focus to these questions, here are some tips to follow for teeth and gums.

Sugar is one of the main enemies of good oral health, most dentists accept. The problem is how sugar is widespread in all its forms. Although there has been something of a smear campaign against corn syrup, high fructose from the end, the truth is there is no refined sugar is good for the body and certainly not good for teeth. And it is everywhere.

Soft drinks, juices, cookies, starches of any kind (especially white, refined type). All these factors not only contribute to the obesity epidemic in the country, but for both cavities. The fruits are a good source of sugar, although care must be taken to eat the dry variety, which has some of the same properties as refined sugar. Adults and children should limit their sugar intake.

Many dentists in mind that periodontal disease is often overlooked when it comes to potential oral health problems. The truth is that gum disease is gingivitis, the other most likely cause of tooth loss direct to tooth decay.

A number of factors can lead to gum disease, including poor hygiene, poor nutrition, alcoholism and malnutrition. In most cases, is the accumulation of plaque that leads directly to gingivitis. Even those who are concerned about the state of your teeth and gums should be taken into account: some studies have shown there may be a link between gum disease and the possibility of a heart attack.

Many dentists pointed out that just as food is bad, there are also to promote healthy teeth and gums. These foods include sugar-free gum, which can act as a stimulator of saliva. Saliva helps remove food particles and acids on the teeth, reduces risk of cavities and plaque buildup. If you can get in the habit of brushing your teeth after meals or at least rinse your mouth, will be beneficial as well.

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