Council breasts singer and nasal congestion

With the change of season, you may face a greater amount of nasal and sinus congestion and traffic jams. Personally, I have struggled with this problem for many years. Although I do not understand as sinus infections, as in the past, I always get the stuffy nose in the morning when I wake up at the same time. If you are a singer, you know that face you can really hurt your ability, and the sounds you make with your beautiful voice!

Sometimes nasal obstruction is mild, but sometimes each morning congestion will be worse for me. When the scene is more fluid completely filled, it is time to act! Facial which can be very stressful and cause a lot of irritation throughout the day.

There are so many different to treat sinus infections factors could spend days talking about what you can do to prevent and treat them. Could yakking about the causes of it! However, just wanted to share a tip for today:

The Neti pot or Sinus Rinse Nasal Spray + combination.

It took me really long to sinus essential to clarify something because I do not like the idea of ​​the discomfort you may feel to push liquid through my nostrils. But when I finally gave up and decided to try, I found that the nasal rinse really helped me!

What is that I do rinse the breast depending on the package with water at room temperature (you have to use bottled or boiled water). Comes with a solution that is mixed with water, just pour the solution and the water in the bottle (or vial) and stir! I use NeilMed. I think you can find in any drugstore / pharmacy. There are many different options for nasal washes, but I like NeilMed because they provide an easy to use bottle. Another popular option is the neti pot, which looks like a teapot. Although I have not tried this option.

That’s wash: irrigates the sinuses and nasal passages by wiping with water and the solution.

After using the mouthwash, I still have the nasal spray against loss of the nasal mucosa. Inflammation of the nasal membranes are what cause the nose to be loaded. It prevents air from entering the nostrils. Why nose feels “charged”. Sometimes, feeling of nasal congestion can also be caused by nasal polyps, but it is a different kind of challenge.

Once these two steps, I feel much better for the rest of the day! I have to be careful with the nasal spray, however, because sometimes I will send in a frenzy of sneezing if I use too.

Thus, singers, try this trick! Singing for the shortness of breath is not fun at all. Follow these nasal passages free and clear!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please seek the advice of a health professional before using drugs and / or medical procedures. Just wanted to share something that helped me.

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