Common plastic surgery for aging (and why you should avoid)

Even if you have decided that you will try and old, nobody wants to look their age. For this reason, more and more people choose to go under the knife or needle as they move in – and out – Middle Ages. If we consider only the options related to facial plastic surgery, there are still several types of “refreshing” can do, and a great surgeon, no one will notice about the procedures you had done. But everything ends with news stories as big surgery. Some procedures require frequent changes, and others can be fatal if not done properly. Some of the most common procedures to reduce wrinkles and why you should avoid pinching and return as soon as possible.

A brow lift tightens the skin and muscles of the face to remove wrinkles and fine lines. This is usually accompanied by a slight elevation of the eyebrows, which is supposed to make you look younger. The bad news: You could be stuck with a surprised expression. From time to time, raise eyebrows affect your ability to move properly, which can make it difficult for different facial expressions. It can also be difficult to move your head during demonstrations, and fixing these problems requires monitoring surgery. If you are concerned droopy eyes, looking for a good anti-wrinkle eye cream that helps firm skin around the eyes for a more natural lift.

Botox injections
Botox is an injection of toxin that fills wrinkles, usually around the eyes and forehead. The temporarily paralyzed muscle injection is administered, so that it becomes more difficult to move. The bad news: Botox is best a temporary solution. To keep skin soft, you will still receive the injections every three or four months, and if you need multiple injections per visit costs can add up quickly. In addition, your face may look bright, facial expressions can be difficult. If you are concerned about fine lines, use an anti-aging moisturizer of thick lines and make them less visible.

A face lift tightens the skin on the face by removing fat and lifting the skin of the scalp. Alisa reduces wrinkles and sagging areas, including under the chin. The bad news: This surgery has a high price, but still Botox, the results are not permanent. The skin may continue to sag and wrinkles, even after the emergency. In addition, nerve damage, and the risk of death. If you’re worried about looking “old”, find a natural line of skincare with anti-aging products to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles.

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