Children and dental health

Dentistry for children is a priority to ensure a healthy smile for life. Education is a key component of the first meetings of his son – the proper techniques of brushing and flossing are taught to develop an oral health routine for life. Often, an appointment in the morning is ideal for your child is not tired and you are able to explain procedures in a way to understand and feel comfortable.

It is important for children to begin a visit to a dental team on a regular basis about two years. Most dentists are dedicated to making the appointment for your child a fun experience to be keen to attend future appointments to make sure you maintain a healthy smile for life. This article details some of the questions most frequently asked questions about dentistry for children.

FAQs about dentistry for children:

1. Baby teeth are important?

Yes, guide permanent teeth into position.

2. When the permanent teeth through a first-come?

From 5.5 to 6.5 years, the lower central incisors come first.

3. What factors can affect the alignment of permanent teeth?

a. Thumb sucking or other object over three years.

b. The mouth tonsillitis due to allergies, asthma and chronic illness and / or respiratory tract infections (more common in children who snore) to breathe.

c. Distributed child swallowing (tongue thrust that sometimes has a lisp).

4. This is a good bit of sugar?

Depends on time, refined sugar snacking habits in favor of “peaks and valleys of energy and constant sugar / acid attacks the teeth. One suggestion is to try to sugar offers” package “with other foods during meals reducing the acid attack.

5. Fruit juice is good for my kids to drink?

Sweetened fruit juice is fine in small amounts. Just remember that it is acidic and contains a large amount of sugar (less concentrated fruit).

6. When can my child brush their teeth clean without help?

Most pediatric dentists recommend that children should be supervised and assisted (by an adult) with brushing and flossing until they can tie their shoelaces (a measure of the skill enough).

Visits to the dentist

It is important for children to start going to the dentist regularly, the world of 2 years. Most dentists use these appointments to begin to educate your child about brushing techniques and flossing properly because they understand that starting early will help your child develop an oral health routine for life.

Some of the dental health problems to be addressed are the following:

Crack sealing to protect teeth from decay
Mouth to protect teeth from trauma in contact sports
Dietary advice to keep your sugar intake is low
Tips for brushing and flossing, easy for children to understand and implement
Fluoride treatments
Early diagnosis and ongoing care
Orthodontics (early 8-12 years, adolescents 13-18 years)
Pacifier sucking habits finger
Push the language and habits of lisp
Snoring and blocked nasal passages

In general, dentists are dedicated to making the appointment for your child a fun experience to become enthusiastic to attend future appointments so they can keep your smile healthy for life. Be sure to choose a dentist who specializes in dentistry for children to ensure that your child the best possible experience.

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