Cardiology Job Forecast

While in the past, there have been concerns that it might be too numerous to cardiologists number of jobs open Cardiology, a market study by the CEC concluded that this was not the case. The demand for doctors and surgeons should continue to grow faster than average growth rate of any occupation. Employment is expected to be complete, especially in rural and low income, where there has been a shortage of doctors for some time. The demand for cardiology jobs varies depending on what part of the country. As with most medical specialties, there are fewer job opportunities in big cities or anywhere else you want. However, San Diego, in particular, is experiencing a shortage of cardiologists.

Pay cardiologists is mainly based on years of experience, location, subspecialty, geographic and type of installation. Medical Group Management Association of Eastern wages means that cardiologists are $ 400 000 for non-invasive cardiologists, $ 450 000 for cardiologists invasive / non-interventionist, and $ 540 000 to interventional cardiologists. A study by the American Medical Association, most of the salary of a cardiologist only incentives and bonuses, which are considered contributions to revenue and net income.

The growing demand for lower supply

The U.S. population is aging. From 2010 to 2035, all age groups 70 years and over will increase by more than 95%. This will mean greater demand for all health services, and a relatively young population and fewer medical doctors who are retiring out. “In addition, it is estimated that up to one third of physicians practicing now retired in 2020. However, the recession and massive job losses across the country have had a direct impact on the incomes of physicians. When people lose their jobs also lose their benefits and health care, in turn, access to health care.

The recent stock market decline has affected the decisions of major medical retirement. Some doctors are postponing retirement due to the effects of the economy of their savings for retirement. Rather than retire and make room for the next generation of doctors, a plan to work for a few years to rebuild their economies. However, even a three to five years of delay do not face the imminent loss of experienced physicians.

The reform of health care

Another uncertainty is the result of pending health care reform nationally. If successful reform increased enrollment in health insurance programs, will boost the demand for services, and therefore the cost, higher, due to the dramatic increase of people needing these services. However, no one knows what will happen to Medicare reimbursement rates and the new program. The question is to cut Medicare reimbursement rates for different procedures of this new program that could eventually reduce the income of all specialties?

Because of these and other factors, many doctors are waiting to make any decisions until they have a better idea of ​​how health reform will impact on reimbursement and ultimately revenue. These same forces have an impact on invasive cardiology, noninvasive jobs similar cardiology.

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