By focusing on the health concerns of health care

Almost half of the nearly $ 5 billion in health care activities and related health can be taken into account in the United States. It is obvious that our country has well-trained professionals, technology and an exceptional range of drugs designed to treat health problems. However, why is health care so expensive and problematic for many people receive?

The growth of health care

For most countries in the worlds most developed in the field of medicine is one of its core businesses. If you count the money generated from the sale of drugs, diagnostics, nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, and other related activities, it is easy to see why the medical industry represents 10-20% of gross production in a country .

In the U.S. There are about 800,000 doctors, hospitals and more than 5000 million health workers. After dozens of U.S. citizens working in the health care now and that number will grow. However, there are not enough workers and facilities for outpatient treatment of 20 million now see every day. This staggering amount of outpatients not include the number of daily average of 4 to 5 million patients.

The vast complex area of ​​health care in America is that attracts people from around the world. Switzerland and Germany both have large areas of medicine, but these countries use their health care different from that of the United States. Could the health of our nation will soon be subjected to a radical kind of change?

The answers are hard to find

The answer to this dilemma of health care is as simple as the nationalization of health care for all? Does this possibility will only worsen the situation? How medical resources are distributed among different segments of our society? These are just some of the questions that are waiting to be answered.


Today, healthcare has become a contentious issue among many groups of citizens. This is the redesign of the health system as we know it today. We also heard predictions that the government will try to restructure the national health care. Although much of this rhetoric was released by a number of years, it seems that people are increasingly polarized by the changes that are now constantly in the news.

Older people have their own concerns

The elderly population in the United States is keeping a close eye on what is being proposed because the health care and drug issues are of great concern to them. And health insurance coverage for people age 65 or older have undergone many changes since the 1980’s. Most senior citizens are very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the way Medicare is looking for trouble, and they are also concerned about what the future might hold. The costs of health care and medication needs are very high for older people as a whole. Each year, they fear that their benefits even smaller, and now have new health concerns.

Risk groups

It was a few weeks since Gov. Sarah Palin has galvanized many people with their predictions and comments about “death committees” and nationalized health care. While there were many people gathered around their statements, the mere possibility that such radical notions began to send shock waves throughout the country. This was especially troubling for a large percentage of our population. He was also a concern among advocates for the poor and disabled. Even parents and carers of people with physical and mental problems are becoming alarmed, and feeling threatened.

The future allocation of resources for health care?

Could it be that medical professionals may be willing to form committees that allocate resources to health care to those deemed most deserving? The idea was both fear and “Orwellian” in perspective. Careful examination showed that there was no written documentation that actually said these possibilities, but this has not alleviated the fear and anxiety common to many citizens. Just the idea that access needs hospitalization or medication that could someday be restricted was sufficient to generate small-scale panic in many communities across the country.

Problems, problems, problems

Medical problems, health plans, and affordable drugs are the main sources of concern for everyone today. Insurance coverage is very expensive. There is a growing trend among companies to offer fewer employees and family benefits in order to reduce costs. In some cases this is making it difficult for employees to participate in insurance plans offered by their employers. However, a growing number of families are in dire need of funds to pay health insurance premiums on their own. This is creating a “Catch 22” type of environment with people who can not afford the cost of getting sick, and the cost of insurance.

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