Basic knowledge of hypertension

Blood pressure in consciousness is very important for the simple reason that the condition is widespread. And consequently there is a very high probability that you or a loved one can be hit by hypertension, or you may end up being affected by the disorder at some point in the future.

Some data on hypertension related to its prevalence could take us by surprise.

1. In the US, almost one in three people suffer from hypertension.

2. And only half of these people have the disease under control.

As an alternative, hypertension is often associated with certain health conditions. It is very surprising to note that of 10 people who have their first heart attack, 7 are affected by hypertension. And also with stroke, it is a similar scenario. 10 people who suffer their first attack, 8 are affected by hypertension.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension and high blood pressure are two terms that are used interchangeably. In technical terms little, when a person has high blood pressure, blood force against the walls of the artery can be high when the long-term shows. Or it could be high enough to cause all kinds of health problems.

Two factors that define an individual’s blood pressure are the amount of blood that is pumped through the heart and the resistance to blood flow that is supplied in the arteries. So if someone heart pumping more blood and arteries are narrower, high blood pressure is called.

A very surprising fact about hypertension is that you may be suffering from hypertension for years and not be aware of it. But damage to blood vessels and heart are continuous. And it could be detected too.

It is strongly recommended that you go for regular checkups and tests for high blood pressure.

When do I have to worry about high blood pressure?

Preferably, one should do hypertension checks part of routine appointment with the doctor. As a rule, one should try to ensure that one goes for blood pressure readings once every two years, counting from the time he is 18. Similarly, if one is over the age of 40, Or if one is in the age group 18-39 with the risk of hypertension, go to these conferences each year.

This way, as soon as one realizes that one has been diagnosed with hypertension, they could work with their doctor to control it.

What makes you vulnerable to hypertension?

Some people are at higher risk for hypertension, and it is interesting to learn more about the factors that make them more vulnerable to hypertension.

1. Age

– As you get older, the risk of hypertension increases. Therefore, for men, if they are over 45, they are at an increased risk of suffering from hypertension. Similarly, if women over 65 years, they are also at risk of suffering from hypertension.

2. family history

– Similarly, if you have a family history of hypertension, you are more likely to suffer from it.

3. obesity

– And being overweight also makes you more vulnerable to suffering from hypertension because if you are overweight, more blood is pumped to the supply of blood vessels.

4. Not being physically active

– If it is not physically active, the risk of high blood pressure is increased because the heart has to pump harder, which causes the force on the arteries and upper.

5. Use of Tobacco

– Tobacco use is also linked to high blood pressure. Tobacco not only increases the heart rate with immediate effect, but also increases the risk of damage to the arteries.

6. Excessive consumption of salt

– The consumption of too much salt in the diet causes the body to retain water, and this can also raise blood pressure. Similarly, it is very important for one to get the right amount of potassium in their diet, and it is because the balance of sodium and potassium in the body. When you do not get the right amount of potassium in your diet, you tend to accumulate excess sodium in your blood.

7. The amount of vitamin D in the diet

– One should be careful that you get the right amount of vitamin D in the diet. Vitamin D can affect an enzyme produced by the kidneys, and can have a direct influence on blood pressure. Mushrooms, eggs and dairy products are good sources of vitamin D.

8. Stress

– High levels of stress are also attributed to a temporary increase in blood pressure. If we try to overcome the stress of consuming tobacco, alcohol or high diet, this can contribute to aggravate the condition.

9. Chronic Conditions

– If you suffer from certain chronic conditions can also increase the risk of high blood pressure. Some of these diseases are kidney disease, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

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