Bad Habits that Make Your Teeth Suffer

If you’ve diligently brushed your teeth, but you still have holes in your teeth. You should check whether this bad habits often you do or not.

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics noted people who have experienced tooth decay, many sufferers are not just children but people aged 20-44 years.

5 common mistakes that lead to permanent tooth decay in spite of your diligent care of the teeth, as quoted by San Diego dentist are:

1. You only drink bottled water

You might think to get used to drinking bottled water from plastic, it will be better than sweet and sour drink. But if the community where you live has a fluoridated water supply, and you never drink from it then you own the losses, said David Dowsett, a dentist based in Portland, Ore.

That’s because fluoride, a mineral that prevents tooth decay can not be found in all types of bottled water. If anything, according to the CDC, fluoride content is very small. So make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride as well. Then try to drink tap water. Who knows you will love it.

2: You drink soda and sports drinks (including a low sugar)

These drinks may be the worst thing for your dental health, said Dowsett. Do not blame only the sugar content and acid, but also a preservative that can erode tooth enamel. Yet enamel, a thin protective of tooth can never be replaced if damaged or lost completely.

3. You are too frequent snacking

According to the American Dental Association, chewing stimulates the flow of saliva (saliva), which helps neutralize acids and wash food. But if you just chew on for a short time (ie, snacking) then you will not generate a lot of saliva so that your teeth become vulnerable to acid.

“The bacteria in plaque produce acids that destroy tooth enamel, but remember, the acid is also present in a variety of foods and beverages). In general, the less saliva you have, your tooth will be even greater,” says RH Price, a dentist and spokesman for the American Dental Association in Newton, Mass. Mouth takes about an hour to neutralize the acid and the gear you will not have time to recover itself if you constantly bite or chew on something as you did when snacking.

4. You brush your teeth too soon

Brushing your teeth after meals is important, but brushing your teeth too soon or right after you eat or drink acidic foods can hurt your teeth. That’s because if you brush your teeth before letting your saliva do its job then it will rub against your already weakened enamel.

5. You brush your teeth badly

When you’re ready to brush your teeth, use a soft brush bristles. But do not shake your toothbrush too fast.To reduce plaque and give you a fresh breath, clean all surfaces of the mouth, including the inside, the back surface of your back teeth and the spaces between them. After all you are not going to waste this much time to clean your teeth because it only takes a few minutes a day.

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