Asthma management plan and physical activity at school

About one in 15 people today have asthma, which is significantly greater than 20 years. However, with proper treatment and recognition of your triggers , students with asthma are still able to be active at school.

Asthma is a disease and the disease in which the bronchioles and alveoli (air sacs ) in the lungs contract does not allow air to be released . The asthmatic student may have air but can not breathe properly. The lungs become overly inflated with air that has more oxygen to be delivered to the body.

Asthma and exercise go hand in hand with good planning and management .

Although asthma can limit physical activity , which does not contradict physical activity. Physical fitness is an important goal for all students. Fitness increases the chances that students stay fit as they grow into adulthood and reduce your chances of becoming overweight adults , which has a negative impact on the response of an individual asthma.

A partnership between students , teachers, parents , trainers, doctors and physical education teachers to manage and control asthma increases the chances of students being active . Part of this association is the management plan for asthma. This plan recognizes the triggers or factors that worsen asthma causes a student or an episode .

Asthmatics should avoid and control triggers activation.

Some common triggers are the factors for asthma include exercise , mold , allergies , infections of the upper respiratory tract irritants , cigarette smoke , cleaning solutions , perfumes and paints. Some of these triggers can be avoided , while others may be limited. In both cases, should be included in the management plan for a child with asthma.

Another part of the management plan includes access to the medications used to treat asthma attacks . Children with asthma should have access to rescue medication during their attacks. The use of a management plan will increase the chances that the student will remain active during the school year and the development of good design features that go through life.

Physical activity in schools should be changed to match the current state of lung student .

Your condition may be evaluated using a peak flow meter . The goal is to keep students included in activities , even if they are not able to perform physical activities. Students may be the time keeper, scorer or team manager to improve your health.

Students with asthma are more effective than is physically active when an action plan is used for asthma . The management plan must include the student’s medical history , their individual symptoms , how to communicate with parents and providers of health care , the number of normal maximum flow , triggers, medications and signed by the parent / guardian and student . The plan should involve students in the development, as with the participation of students, they will be more inclined to follow the plan.

The last part of the management plan should be full access to rescue medication . Students should be able to access their medications , manage and determine when they need it . Teachers and coaches must not only know the triggers for the students but also the symptoms that require immediate action , such as coughing , wheezing , shortness of breath , chest tightness or low readings Peak Speed ​​.

When asthma symptoms during or after physical activity at school the student must leave the activity , use your inhaler and take relief if not better. Physically active in school is an important part of improving the condition for students to continue their fitness growth.

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