Asthma and air purification

If you have a child with asthma or if you have asthma, you can create a safer environment at home for asthma triggers delete. Careful observation on your part and help your caregiver can go a long way to help your child. Asthma is primarily a disease of the respiratory system characterized by symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and chest tightness. Although you can not control the genetic factors that cause asthma, but environmental factors are certainly at hand.

Maintaining the quality of air inside your home is an important means to control asthma. Camera filter or cleaning are quickly gaining popularity as a way to control asthma symptoms. They are still useful for those suffering from chronic bronchitis or hay fever. Filters or room air purifiers might even be useful if you live with a smoker (although its best to avoid smoking in the home if a family member suffers from asthma).

Air purifiers work chamber by removing small particles from the air. There are many varieties available in the market. HEPA filters are probably one of the mechanical air filters the best known available. Your fan forces air into the chamber to pass through a sieve to retain allergens, dust and smoke. Route the fan to carpets or curtains will be the accumulation of dust that can be harmful. There are two main drawbacks for HEPA filters. One is the amount of electricity consumed during the execution of the HEPA filter and the other is the noise that the fan actually works can be quite annoying.

Electronic air filters come with electronic loads that are able to attract allergens. Irritants are captured in a device connected to the collector plate. The bad: they create ozone, which is a major cause lead to the symptoms of asthma because they irritate the respiratory tract. However, ozone generators also could not be a good idea. Ozone generators produce large amounts of ozone to purify the air in the room. Again, that may be more harmful than helpful to patients with asthma.

Air filters eliminate odors in the gas phase and gases from the air. They do it with carbon granules. Germicidal air filters are effective in cleaning the air killing bacteria and viruses. Bacteria are killed by ultraviolet light as they pass through the filter. Another option would be the installation of air conditioning systems in homes have air conditioning or heating ducts. Although this method may be economical, but the disadvantages include the production of ozone as a byproduct and these systems are capable of filtering large particles but not small.

With so many options available in the market, it is important to think before buying any type of air filter. It is important to consider your budget and get an estimate of what it might cost to run the filter for the whole year. Second, consider the amount of noise that will do and whether or not the sound to suit your room or the entire house. Note that the installation of an air purifier in your home may not be enough and you still have to kill pathogenic allergens such as carpets and pets at home.

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