American College of Cardiology

Health is wealth. To this end, many organizations, profit or nonprofit, have tried to develop and expand the maintenance of good health. These organizations are responsible for finding a cure for most diseases that afflict people have been for years.

A nonprofit organization and association that cares for cardiac care and health policy is the American College of Cardiology. Also known as CCA. The medical association has its humble beginnings in 1949. Today, the American College of Cardiology is responsible for 39 chapters spread throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

The American College of Cardiology has six core values ​​that guide their line of work in the promotion and maintenance of cardiovascular health. The six core values ​​of the ACC are professionalism, knowledge of cardiovascular medicine, the value of the cardio-vascular specialist in performance, integrity and ethics, as a member of the engine and volunteerism, and inclusion.

This nonprofit organization concerned with heart health is to educate the public about the basis and innovations in cardiology. It also aims to achieve and promote research, to facilitate better management of cardiovascular organs. He points to heart health and influence public policies in cardiac care. Apart from that, the American College of Cardiology is moving toward the association rules and guidelines for the study and practice of cardiology. Take the mission to promote quality and excellent cardiovascular care.

Planning and preparation is essential for the CAC. Otherwise, the association’s objectives and aspirations are down the drain. CAC also gives the opportunity to analyze and interpret the changes in his line of work.

Everything is subject to change, and the American College of Cardiology accepts this as part of their profession. Thus, the association also adapts to changes in cardiovascular care and the medical profession. However, the ACC is a point that I would not lose his touch on the fundamental values ​​as a guide.

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