Alternative Medicine Guidelines

If using alternative medicine to answer some of your health concerns, read on to learn more.

The CAM is defined as a variety of health and medical systems, products and practices that are not classified as part of conventional medicine. Although there is no scientific evidence to support complementary alternative medicine (CAM) practices many still lack credibility. Concerns about the safety and efficacy remain an open question.

Some forms of alternative medicine have been proven safe and effective are accepted by traditional systems of health care.

Complementary vis-à-vis alternative medicine

What is the difference between complementary and alternative medicine?

Complementary medicine is used in traditional medicine. An example of this is done using aromatherapy to make patients comfortable after surgery. Another example is the use of acupuncture to minimize the side effects of cancer treatments for patients.

Moreover, alternative medicine completely replaces conventional medicine. Many of the practices and procedures are included in this general category. An example of this procedure makes use of a special diet rather than go through surgery or chemoradiation therapy in cancer treatment. Most insurance companies do not cover this type of practice.

Integrative Medicine

You can also make use of what is known as integrative medicine, which combines conventional medical treatments with complementary methods of alternative medicine.

Integrative medicine is known as a comprehensive approach to patient care and involves the body, mind and spirit. An example of this is the use of relaxation techniques to reduce stress during chemotherapy.

Choose from these types of medical treatment for your particular problem. You can choose from a variety of medical practices, whether conventional, complementary medicine, alternative or integrative, to meet their health needs. You should research thoroughly before doing anything.

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