Allergy Symptoms Banana

Bananas are an excellent source of energy and nutrition . No wonder that many people eat to get a variety of vitamins and minerals, plus a lot of dietary fiber. These fruits have a delicious sweet taste and are eaten plain or . In fact , the health conscious people make it a point to eat at least a banana on a daily basis . However, their use can have negative side effects that are quite unexpected because bananas are believed to be very insignificant.

There have been some cases of people who have negative side effects after eating bananas. Banana allergy is not very common , but it can still cause a lot of problems . If you are allergic to bananas then you will experience some discomfort , which can vary in intensity depending on the amount of fruit you eat and how you are allergic .

Symptoms of a banana allergy are:

– Itching in the mouth . This includes the lips , tongue , gums and throat. In extreme cases, the itching sensation may extend to surface.

– Swelling of the lips and sometimes the rest of the face. The face is sometimes covered in a painful rash or even hives .

– Respiratory problems due to swelling over the region of the throat and nose , including the sinuses.

– Stomach problems that cause vomiting or upset stomach. These problems are invariably accompanied with cramping pain in the abdominal area which can be very debilitating.

– Very low blood pressure that causes dizziness and lightheadedness.

All symptoms listed above are fairly common in people who are allergic to bananas , with the exception of the last . Blood pressure and dizziness indicate that very serious allergic reaction . In fact , this type of severe reaction to any substance can cause a condition called anaphylactic shock can be fatal. A person who goes into shock should seek medical attention immediately.

As you can see from the list of symptoms of allergy to banana is rarely a dangerous problem and your doctor might not even take very seriously . Still, it can result in a lot of trouble , because it is a widely consumed fruit . Fortunately , you can take some preventive and corrective measures to deal with this type of allergy .

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