A fully effective natural remedy for cough

It can happen to anyone, develop coughing and hacking through the night. This is particularly difficult when dealing with a child. So we do everything possible to help the patient relieve cough and make you feel comfortable so you can get a restful sleep. All-Night Vigil for a sick child can be difficult, so that when we keep the cough down, everyone is sleeping much better.

For those of us who prefer to look outside the box pharmaceutical medicine, there are natural remedies, effective and powerful that help calm the tingling, loosen phlegm and improve breathing. I have used these combined to produce very good results with my own children.

1) The good old fashion ginger tea.

Ginger has been used medicinally for centuries. It is one of the most studied of all the “kitchen remedies.” Chemicals that give ginger its pungent taste, gingerol and shogaol, is known to inhibit the body’s production of substances that contribute to bronchial constriction and fever. They also act as natural cough.

Boil the ginger root pieces man in the water, simmer for about 5 minutes. Extract the juice of one lemon and mix with a cup of hot tea with ginger. Serve hot.

2) feet hot soak

Soak your feet in warm water can relieve a cold, help reduce fever and bronchial muscle relaxation. Drawing blood at the foot helps disperse congestion, improve circulation and even relieve the symptoms of asthma. When my sixteen years of age, had a severe asthma attack due to an allergic reaction to some strong medicines used during surgery to remove a boiling reaction, we decided not to go to the hospital where he was treated with more powerful drugs. His symptoms were significantly reduced with just several meters from the hot soak and drink ginger tea.

Heat enough water to fill a basin where both feet can be easily canceled. The temperature should be as hot as you can stand without being scalded. Soak your feet in the water until the water cools considerably.

3) Manage mega doses of vitamin C

Ortomolecular therapy is the use of vitamins for the treatment of disease and therapy is a safe and effective alternative conventional prescription. Vitamin C is known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and stimulate immunity.

By the 1940s, Dr. Frederick R. Klenner always cure chicken pox, measles, mumps, tetanus and polio to the aggressive use of vitamin C. Vitamin C is remarkably safe even at extremely high doses, with virtually no side effects, compared with commonly used prescription drugs. How much vitamin C is an effective therapeutic dose? Dr. Klenner recommends 350 mg per kilogram of body weight per day.

In Fire Your Doctor – How to be healthy Regardless, Dr. Andrew Saul tells how he banned four years daughter cough with 4,000 mg of vitamin C crystals in water every hour until it is free symptoms.

4) Water Cure

Medical staff of President Ronald Reagan, Ralph Bookman, MD has long promoted hydration as a way to relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies. He explained that they need enough fluids to expel bronchial mucous secretions. In an interview, Mr. Bookman, said: “Liquids are fluid mucus. Fluids are on drugs.”

Ensure optimal hydration. And generally drink enough water every day to achieve colorless urine.

5) Breathe fresh air electrified

This alone is enough to provide significant relief for many people to sleep through the night. Fresh air has proven nature cure for a wide range of diseases, including respiratory diseases, including cough.

The cough remedy Tricia

One of our clients, Tricia bought a compressed air ionizer, hoping to cure chronic cough. She used to wake up in the morning feeling as if there was “asleep”. Throughout the life of allergies had prevented sleep or staying asleep for long. Despite the draconian to remove known at home and keep the house closed allergens measures, she is having trouble sleeping due to post nasal drip. It would tickle her until several nights before I could get to the deeper and more refreshing sleep cycle. She tried everything recommended to help themselves, without being fully seated sleep all night.

Finding a cure, Tricia stumbled upon ionization therapy. About a month later, he discovered that he was choking or coughing while sleeping over. Later, he discovered that he could sleep through the night, it was a good development.

The healing properties of fresh air

Fresh air has an abundance of natural resources, air electrically charged particles called ions in the air, they have a biological effect on all living things. ionization process is the use of highly electrified air for medical applications through an air ionizer medical grade.

air ions destroy pathogens and air pollutants, stimulate the immune system, increase lung capacity, improve breathing and promotes relaxation and sleep. Before the days of antibiotics, countless people have invested their health by simply moving the mountains or the sea sanatoriums were built traditionally for the treatment of tuberculosis in the Alps and doctors in the European world had called for a “change of scenery “for their patients.

The cough is often a symptom of other problems – allergies and infections are the most common culprits. It is advisable to suppress cough, helping the rest of the body to heal. Strengthen the immune system, correct the deficiencies and the identification and elimination of allergies can help us be healthy. Cough healthy body.

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