7 Health Tips to keep your asthma under control

Living with asthma can not be the easiest thing for anyone to live, regardless of age. However, by learning about the disease, you can get a better understanding of how it affects your body and how to control it. The following are the seven health tips to help you control your asthma:

1. Know the symptoms
For many people, asthma attacks seem to sneak up on them and before you know you are in a situation that seems out of control. By controlling your symptoms, you have a better idea of ​​when an attack will occur.

2. Learn about your medicines
Many people receiving treatment for asthma, simply follow the instructions from your doctor to take your medications. The fact is that you could be on multiple medications, each get a different result. For example, you may have a drug used for prevention, while the other, like a steroid, used to be a more serious episode. Anyone with asthma should keep a diary of symptoms, which can lead to great discoveries about what is really the cause of these attacks. Each entry must understand the symptoms you are experiencing, and any reading of their peak flow meter.

4. Learn what triggers an attack
For many asthmatics, prompting an attack is understanding how they are able to maintain control of such disease. The simple climate change could affect your ability to breathe and to understand what might help to know when the time comes to take his medication and to be taken.

5. Plan a diet that includes fruits and vegetables
Like many fruits and vegetables are considered antioxidants, it is important to add in the diet. Vitamins C and E are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and can actually help reduce irritation and inflammation in the lungs.

6. Keep your weight
Being overweight can easily lead to more asthma attacks in the individual. Keeping your weight can reduce the number of symptoms experienced. Even just losing a few kilos will make a difference.

7. Consult your doctor Hours
The tool’s largest and most important thing to help combat asthma your doctor. His experience and education play a vital role in how they are able to reduce your symptoms. Regular doctor visits can help identify what triggers an attack and who can advise you on how to get it under control.

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