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Osteoporosis: a disease of great concern

The disease that makes bones more susceptible to fractures and osteoporosis known as the name suggests porous bones. Bone mineral density (BMD) decreases followed by a deterioration of bone microarchitecture and alteration of the protein in bone. World Health Organization … Continue reading Continue reading

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What is hypertension

Hypertension and high blood pressure (SPB) appoint exactly the same things. To understand why hypertension may be a serious condition, one must first know what it means. When the heart pumps blood, the blood pushes against artery walls, “the combination … Continue reading

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Problems with laser eye surgery

Not everyone is perfect and there are times when the problems of laser eye surgery can occur. Most of the time, which can cause irritation to other common side effects of ocular surgery. However, patients who are less fortunate are … Continue reading

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The pros and cons of cosmetic surgery

Have you recently decided that you want to cosmetic surgery? Whether you are looking to get a tummy tuck, face lift or breast reduction, have you made your appointment? If it’s a step to be taken for the first time … Continue reading

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Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Precautions

As a candidate for laser eye surgery, you may want to know the procedures for recovery from laser eye surgery to ensure minimal side effects with maximum results. These procedures consist of rest after surgery, avoiding the elements outside the … Continue reading

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